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Sound off for June 22

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733.

Question: Where are all the Hinesville street-huggers with the mass and rampant killings going on in Baltimore? Where are these street-huggers now with these rampant murdering and killings going on in Baltimore? Very interesting. I’d like to hear.

If Lindsay Graham gets to be president, who’s going to be his first lady? Is it going to be his sister? I’d like to know who the first lady would be. Others have been president that wasn’t married, though, I know for a fact, and they had other people to fill in.

Is the Liberty County Board of Education shifting their most-qualified individuals around, or are they deciding to hire based on nepotism?

To those who would like to have a Publix here in Hinesville, pool your money together, call Publix and put a store here in Hinesville.

The Bradwell coaches need to get it together. They told the students to be early to be on time, and that if they are on time, they’re late. But they are constantly releasing the students after the time that their practices are supposed to end. Coaches, please be respectful of the parents that are waiting and have jobs and other responsibilities. The same thing you hold the children accountable for, hold yourself accountable for as well.

With all the talk about buying local and keeping the money local in town, I think it’s a shame to see plumbing companies from Savannah drive all the way to Hinesville to do backflow-prevention testing when we have a wonderful plumber here in town. Just food for thought.

When I list a house, it’s my duty to sell it, not cut the grass. The maintenance of the property remains with the homeowner. Contact your homeowner to get that grass cut.

Referring to Sunday’s Coastal Courier “HPD wants you to know,” what’s your point? Everyone knows parallel parking against the direction of traffic is illegal, yet some folks routinely do it in my neighborhood. HPD is always driving through the place seemingly oblivious, and evidently hardly anyone really cares about public safety. So what’s your point?

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