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Sound off for March 5
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"Family psychologist John Rosemond gives great advise on how to deal with petulant, sassy and often belligerent young teens in Coastal Courier article "Parents need to Stay strong through tantrums," Feb. 21, page. 6. One excellent recommendation he provides to parents is to take away their smartphone and replace with flip phone to curtail being influenced by social media (we all know social media may be a bad influence on our youth)."

"After the Hinesville City Council hires some chosen person to be public safety director, will they need to hire two liaisons to communicate between the fire chief and director and police chief and director? I’d like that job."

"Buddy Carter, at the Hinesville forum, said he was in favor of the president’s idea that food stamps would be replaced by a box of food. The box would contain processed meat, canned vegetables, etc. I guess he does not read. Processed food has been related to cancer and the canned veggies are related to high blood pressure. Again, who will be the sicker in the population and who have the least health care?"

"Last week a group from the Jesup prison went to see Buddy Carter with their concerns. He met with them and did the standard smile. Tuesday, in Hinesville a group from the prison attended the forum and confronted him again with their concerns since this is a federal prison. Again he gave the standard smile and nod. You would think he would have made it a priority to go and visit the prison while he was in town, but, no, his town forums are more important."

"Why are some of these area schools charging us adults more money for school lunch, yet giving us the same amount as the kids. Makes no sense, someone needs to look into this?"

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