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Sound off for May 9
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My 17-year-old daughter was hospitalized May 1. While we were in the hospital, someone stole our lawn mower off of our porch. My daughter is chronically ill and has had over 48 surgeries since November 2012. I am a single parent and everything I purchase for our home, even little things, is a huge deal for us. To have our mower stolen while dealing with my daughter in the hospital is another hardship for our family. I want to get the word out so the thief can be caught and our lawn mower returned.

Well, Fort Stewart’s made it harder for us to get on now — we have to sign in. Well, who’s going to take care of us? It was a soldier on Fort Stewart that came off Fort Stewart and murdered one of our young teenagers because he was planning a terrorist attack. Who protects the civilians (from) the bad soldiers? Yes, a lot of soldiers are very good, but what about that bad one? We’re not bad. We’ve been supporting Fort Stewart for years, buying things on there to help the soldiers, and now we’re being cut off. We have nothing in this town — no bowling alley, no skating rink, nothing. We have no fishing places.

Here we go again. As I stated before, Liberty County has the most annoying, whiniest complaining people I’ve ever met. If you have a problem with the Georgia Black Mayors Association, only thing you have to do is establish a white mayors’ association. If you have a problem with Black History Month, establish a white-history month. Problem solved. The individuals must really, really have a problem with African-Americans. And also, it shows your character, which to say is, you don’t have any.

Only in the South would you find ignorant individuals complaining about something as a black mayors’ association or Black History Month. Only in the South. If it’s that much of a problem, start a white mayors’ association or Hispanic mayors’ association. You have nothing better to complain about. Only in the South. You Southerners.

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