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Sound off for Nov. 4

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Why would the local realtors not do background checks on people they hire to send into our homes. I know for a fact that a registered sex offender works for one of the agencies. Scary, huh?

I just read the letter to the editor from Mr. Graylan Quarterman, and I’m astounded. This is totally without merit. Riceboro is one of the most progressive small cities in the state of Georgia.

The mayor and city councilmen of Riceboro should be very proud of themselves for the accomplishments they have made in the past and will continue in the future. They will be re-elected.

How come it is a mayoral candidate in Ludowici that has been charged with arson, but I never heard any charges on it? Is he charged or not? I’d like to know before I vote.

It’s hard to imagine a young man of Jordan McCrae’s basketball talent not being picked up by another team. Surely there’s a team out there that could use such a fine young man and great player.

A president cannot just walk into office and change everything on the books. There has to be a vote by Congress. So these candidates in the debates are trying to hoodwink the American public. I hope everyone knows that.

I support the person who commented about concerns about the 20-minute lunch at Lewis Frasier Middle School. The children should not be treated like they are on an assembly line. We can do better than this.

I would like someone in City Hall to explain to everybody in Hinesville why the mayor’s pay is going to be doubled. Who the heck gets a 50 percent raise? You want us to vote for your SPLOST fund, but you want to give this man or woman a raise?

I thought the mayor and council jobs were a privilege and you were voted in by the voters. Why are they getting their pay doubled? Who thought of this? They should be fired.

Bradwell football team, Coffee County is coming to town this weekend. They will officially make it so you guys go 0-10. Please step up and do the best you can to put up a good fight.

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