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Sound Off March 16

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In 2/10/16 paper the Liberty Co is talking about the SPLOST tax again. They need to look are the root cause of the funding short fall. There are too many people in the county who do not pay their fair share of property tax. One way to increase revenue is to make the disability benefit for reduced property taxes income base. If someone makes over $43,038, which is the median income for the county, they should not qualify for the benefit. There are too many people collecting this benefit who have income over this amount.

I want to thank Liberty County school for protecting each and every one of us, who attend school. I love my friend and brother, but they need to stop, take responsibility for your actions. The Lord wants us to forget our neighbor and trust in him. I love going to the house of the Lord, but I’m tired of the negatives comments.

In the 1/20/16 sound off someone commented about new EMO position in Long Country. This just shows the good old boy system is alive and well in Long County. I know for a fact that there were more qualified candidates for the position. Maybe in the November election it’s time to clean house again.

The 2014 U.S. Census shows Riceboro having a population of 811.Compared to other cities with a population ranging from 27,000-45,000, our current administration gets paid much more. How can they justify such a large pay increase? Did the employees who do the majority of the work receive the same increase in wages? I do not see what mayor and council are doing so to justify such increase!

In 2/28/16 paper said Liberty County is looking a fire district tax. We do not need any more new taxes in the county. We just need all the people in the county pay their fair share.

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