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5 gifts you have thanks to your sister
You might not have noticed, but some of the greatest gifts you have in life are because you have a sister. - photo by Erika Otero Romero
A sister is a lifelong friend. She is someone you grow and bond with, despite the problems that arise between you. A sister is a special gift.

My sister and I didnt get along, especially as children and teenagers, but now our relationship is what Ive always wanted it to be. We both know that regardless of how far apart we live or what situation were in, we can always count on each other.

Im grateful to have my sister by my side, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope you feel the same way toward your own sister. Because of her, you have these amazing gifts:

1. A lifelong companion

The inseparable bond between sisters cant be broken by distance. You know your sister will always be there to support you, no matter where you are or what youve been through. A gift like that is hard to come by.

2. A loyal counselor

Your sister gives you new perspectives on life and offers you invaluable advice. You each have your own unique views, and of course, must respect each others opinions and decisions. But despite your differences, you will always love and trust each other.

3. An unconditional friend

A sister is a true friend. Shes willing to help you with any problem, whether big or small. Shes there to cheer you on in your best moments and comfort you in your worst moments.

4. A wise teacher

Sisters learn from each other, regardless of a difference in age. When I was younger if someone would have told told me I could learn from my younger sister, I wouldnt have believed them. But now that I'm older, I realize Ive learned so much from her. My sister taught me to be strong in the midst of difficulties and to wait patiently for the good things in life. Learn from your sister becuase she can teach you some of life's greatest lessons.

5. A strong support system

With a sister, youll never be alone. She's there to both support you and encourage you to push yourself to accomplish your goals.

Some sisters have drifted apart or distanced themselves on purpose. Try to heal old wounds to become friends again. Whatever problems that have caused you to drift apart can be mended. Try to reach out to your sister, and if possible, forgive each other. Show your sister how much you appreciate these give amazing gifts shes given you and give her these gifts in return.
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