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Carpathia Paws praised for helping animals
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Carpathia Paws was praised by State Representative Al Williams and Congressman Buddy Carter for the work they’ve done in rescuing and saving animal in Liberty County.

Founded in 2010 their mission is to save the lives of dogs and cats facing euthanasia at Liberty, Long and Wayne County Animal Controls and the Fort Stewart Stray Facility. However, their primary focus is Liberty County Animal Control.

Last week representatives from Carpathia Paws spoke at the recent partnerships that have greatly increased their ability to rescue animals. The presentation was present to the Liberty County Board of Commissioners. 

The presentation showed that Carpathia Paws partnered with Animal Aid USA in 2011. Once a month Animal Aid USA traveled 32 hours round trip (via The Amazing Grace Caravan) from New Jersey to Liberty County to rescue adoptable dogs the organization had already pulled from Liberty and Long County Animal Control’s death row. Those dogs were then transported to receiving rescues and adoptive homes in northeastern USA. 

The Amazing Grace Caravan was named in honor of Grace, who survived the Liberty County Animal Control gas chamber in 2006. Grace’s story went nationwide and led to gas chambers being banned in Georgia. The state and national coverage this garnered caught the attention of Animal Aid USA and the plight of animals in Liberty County. They reached out to Carpathia Paws and as a result of the partnership more than 6,000 dogs were saved from Liberty and Long County Animal Control since January 2011, with the majority being saved from Liberty County.

In 2018 Carpathia Paws partnered with the Underground Tailroad, an internet-based organization that networks dogs and cats from Liberty, Long and Wayne County Animal Controls to receiving rescues across the southeast primarily in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. More than 2,800 dogs and cats have been saved since the partnership began. 

Carpathia Paws pulled 771 of 877 (88 percent) of the animals from Liberty County Animal Control in 2019 through their partnerships with Animal Aid USA and The Underground Tailroad.

Since 2018 Carpathia Paws has successfully trapped, neuter, vaccinates and returned (TNR) more than 400 community stray and feral cats.

Also, as a result of the two partnerships the euthanasia rate went from 49.5 percent in 2015 to 6.1 percent in 2019, a decrease of 87.9 percent.

"It makes me #LibertyCountyProud to be able to share this impressive information at a State level that out of all of the counties in Georgia ours has such an impressive record as it concerns our stray animal population,” Representative Al Williams said in a letter. “I would like to sincerely voice my wholehearted support for the dedicated work of one Liberty County rescue in particular, Carpathia Paws."

"They’ve done a fantastic job of caring for those who cannot care for themselves,” Congressman Buddy Carter wrote. “I am pleased to join with others in continued support of Carpathia Paws and the valuable animal services it provides.”

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