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Construction set for McLarry’s Curve
McLarry's Curve
LCPC Executive Director Jeff Ricketson said one project that was on the previous HAMPO Plan, the redesign of McLarry’s Curve, where Highway 84 meets with Old Sunbury Road, is entering the construction phase and set to be complete within a year. This photo shows the final road pattern approved by GDOT.

During a Jan. 14, Hinesville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (HAMPO) Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting, Senior Planner, Rachel Hatcher of, Reynolds, Smith and Hills, said the road construction project at McLarry’s curve was set to begin in February.

Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission Director Jeff Ricketson has said the redesign of the intersection of Highway 84 and Old Sunbury Road, locally referred to as McLarry’s Curve, is entering the construction phase and set to be complete within a year.

Hatcher said there are plans to have road crews work in the evenings and on weekends to lessen the impact the project may have on commuters entering and leaving the city.

Hatcher provided other HAMPO projects statuses. She said the connector from state road 38/US Highway 84 to state road 119 is in the final design stage with environmental studies ongoing.

The bridge replacement at state road 119 and Taylors Creek is pending final details to work within sections of the military base.

The survey is complete, and the design and concept is being developed for work at Lewis Frasier Road at Peacock Creek.

The resurfacing of 1.7 miles on state road 38 that was done by East Coast Asphalt, LLC was completed the summer of 2020.

Another resurfacing project that is 12.55 miles long, on Highway 84 near Martin Drive to East of I-95 will be completed by this spring.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Hatcher said the City of Hinesville is still following COVID-19 sanitation procedures for their public transportation buses to include the use of gloves, masks and hand sanitizers and protective barriers. Hatcher said the City purchased a fog sanitation machine to clean the buses as well.

The City has submitted the infrastructure project bid documents to the Georgia Department of Transportation as required to be ADA compliant. A grant application was also submitted for possible funding in fiscal year 2022 for the Transit Development Plan and the replacement of two original transit buses.

Under new business HAMPO members were presented with a new public participation plan, a measure that is currently being used but not currently written into their by-laws.

The public participation plan would allow HAMPO to offer virtual alternatives and ensure public participation at all their meetings during public health emergencies or other public emergencies.

The plan included virtual alternatives, where feasible, in lieu of in-person public meetings, site visits, and other facility-related face-to-face public interactions. 

If in-person public interactions must occur, the meeting will be held in a location with adequate capacity for the expected attendance by the public, the document stated.

For hybrid in-person and online meetings, participants attending in person must notify HAMPO staff a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the meeting. 

For remote meetings, HAMPO staff must include in the notice clear and concise instructions for accessing the virtual public meeting, the means for making public comment, and where relevant documents, if any, will be made available. Communication channels such as local newspapers, factsheets, phone, and social media may be used.  

To ensure fairness and equal speaking time among members of the general public during virtual public meetings/workshops, disruptive members of the public may be muted and provided a warning that further disruptive behavior will result in a continuous mute until the conclusion of the meeting or the removal of the individual from the meeting. 

HAMPO staff and partner agencies will be available to answer calls or emails from the public as an alternative to logging in to the virtual public meeting/hearing. The public may submit comments via email or U.S. Mail. 

The Citizen Advisory Committee then voted to name Kenneth Phillip Odum as the Chair of the committee and Marcello Page as Vice-Chair.

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