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Liberty County High students see the effects of DUI and distracted driving
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Prom-goers from Liberty County High School attended Prom Promise earlier today.

Students first heard from Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sykes, Chief Deputy Jon Long and Adam Cochran.

Cochran was involved in a fatal accident in 2004 and was sentenced to seven years in prison for vehicular homicide, speeding, DUI and driving the wrong way. Cochran volunteers to speak at schools in an effort to deter young people from drinking and driving.

Students then traveled to interactive stations, one being a texting-and-driving simulator program. The simulator featured a steering wheel and pedals connected to a computer, in which the program shows how the person is driving on the street. The driver then receives a text message and answers it on a provided phone. As students looked down to answer the text, the simulator showed them crashing into other vehicles, moving too slowly, speeding or running a red light.

Prom Promise culminated with a staged wreck between two vehicles on prom night. Three students participated in the re-enactment, as the drunk driver and two victims. The actors were covered in fake blood with realistic wounds — with one victim on a stretcher and the other placed in a body bag by a coroner.

To read more about Prom Promise at LCHS, read Sunday’s edition of the Coastal Courier.

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