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Election 2018 candidate profile: Marcus Scott IV
Scott running for another term to represent District 5 on Liberty County Board of Education
Candidate Scott

Marcus Scott IV

Reason for running: I’m running to make a difference in the lives of our youth. Many say this, but when I say it, I have the resume and the passion to back it up. All of my life has been devoted to assisting students and doing things that empower youth. My reason for running is simply to do the right thing for students.

Platform: My platform is to do what right, even if I am standing alone. I believe in doing the right thing, no matter the consequences. I believe in making decisions that are in the best interest of students, not friends, not politicians, not family members, but students.  I believe in holding people accountable for our most valuable resources, our children. I also believe in keeping the public informed about how we spend tax dollars and the decisions that are being made that will affect our children.  I take this position very seriously. Public education saved my life and I feel that providing a quality public education to the children of Liberty County is one of the most important gifts we can give to them. Therefore, a vote for me is assurance that your child’s education will not be compromised.

Top three priorities: My top three priorities are my 3 T’s: Teachers, Technology and Transportation.

My first priority the next four years is to make Liberty County staff members the highest paid employees in the area. This can be done without a tax increase if we use funds appropriately, plus we still have $25 million plus in reserve. I believe if staff members are happy, then students will learn. Although, I know money is not why educators do their job, I believe they should definitely be well compensated, especially our staff members that work directly with students on a daily basis. 

My next priority is to look into ways to drastically increase student achievement, engagement and knowledge. I have found the quickest way to make this happen is through technology. I believe we must use technology more effectively in efforts to maximize student learning. We have schools that are starting to receive STEM certification. I believe by combining STEM certification and STEAM programs with effective technology usage, we will be the best school system in the state. It is my goal to establish policies and help set a vision that will make Liberty County School System a premier school district in the state. I believe we have the resources and people in place to make this happen and if re-elected I believe you will see Liberty County School System become one of the top school systems in Georgia in the next four years. 

While listening to my constituents, I have heard that transportation is also an issue. I believe that all special need buses should have air conditioning and that bus drivers (as other staff members) must be paid more. Bus drivers must be treated as professionals and buses must arrive on time to parents. I believe we do a good job of letting parents know when buses are late, but late arrivals should not be the normal. We must ensure parents know that their children are safe and arrive to and from school in a timely manner.  

Background: As a product of Liberty County School system, I attended Savannah State University and Armstrong Atlantic State University while serving as a volunteer coach for the Liberty County Recreation Department immediately following high school.

I graduated from Armstrong in 2002. Attended Cambridge College in Boston, Massachusetts where I received masters and education specialist degrees in educational leadership. 

My father instilled the importance of public education in me. My son, Marcus Scott V, graduates from Brunswick High this year and will attend the Air Force Academy. He attended grades K-8 in Liberty County schools. 

I began teaching in the Liberty County School System in 2003, coached youth basketball, football and track, became an assistant principal at 28, taught at Savannah Tech and Central Texas College and currently am principal at Building Bridges Academy in Savannah. I am vice president for Georgia Association of Alternative Education. 

I was named to the Top 40 Under 40 for Liberty County and Savannah, and have been a member of the Eleven Black Men and High Fidelity in Liberty County. In 2010, I started a mentor program, Scott’s All*Stars, and an online radio program, The Educational Hotline. 

Scott’s All*Stars took a group of fourth graders with the potential to play basketball on the college level with a focus on academics. All of these students are seniors and will be attending college, most on scholarships. 

I was elected to the school board in 2015 and have annually given a fraction of my board salary to a scholarship for youth in Liberty or Long county. 

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