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HPD blotter July 1

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Habitual violator: A man and a woman were charged with various crimes after being pulled over by HPD June 19. The man was driving a Ford F-150 that had Dealer tags. The officer stopped the vehicle due to a non-functioning brake light. The male driver said he was a car dealer in Savannah and provided the officer with an insurance card. The officer learned that the man was driving with a revoked license and was listed as a habitual violator. He was arrested and placed in handcuffs. A second officer spoke with the female passenger and notice that something appeared weird with her shirt. The officer asked the woman what was wrong with her shirt. She replied that yesterday was her birthday and that she had a pipe and marijuana stuffed in her shirt. Officers checked the vehicle and found other possible illegal drugs which were sent off for testing. The driver told the officer that it wasn’t real marijuana they found in the car. He said he was going to scam someone by selling them fake weed. The woman was arrested and both booked into jail. The Ford F-150 was towed.

Suspicious Acts: Police were called to a home in the 300 block of Brantley Drive on June 22. A woman at the house said she suspects that her boyfriend was, “putting something in her food and drink,” that was making her have an upset stomach and throw up frequently. She said her boyfriend had a “slick” way of slipping something in her food and drink and that she has been suffering for four days and getting worse. She told police officers she wanted to make an official report and that she kept frozen samples of her vomit so it could be tested. The boyfriend said his girlfriend is always having problems and that he offered to take her to the doctor, but she has refused. Police told the woman she should seek medical attention and advised the couple to stay away from each other for a while.

Theft by taking: On June 23, a woman reported she had gone to the Family Dollar Store bought some groceries but had left her wallet in the shopping basket. About two hours later the woman realized she was missing her wallet and went back to the store. The woman spoke to the manager who said a customer did turn her wallet in. The woman said $150 was missing from her wallet. HPD plans to check the store’s security camera.

Theft by taking, motor vehicle:  A man woke up from taking a nap to find his 2019 Dodge Ram was gone. The man reported he had gone to the gym, returned home and took a nap. He was going to go the store when he noticed his vehicle was no longer in front of his house. He said he only has one key FOB and that was missing as well. HPD officers checked to see if maybe the car was repossessed but the lien holder, the account was in good standing. HPD also checked to see if the man’s ex-wife, who is listed as an owner, had taken the vehicle. A theft report was filed.

Terroristic Threats and acts:  Officer Jeffrey Jensen was seated at his desk at the HPD office on June 25, when he answered an incoming phone call. The man on the phone asked for his name and badge number and told Jensen, that the police officers needed to stop messing with him and that if they continued to mess with him, he would mess with the officers. The man then asked Jensen if it was illegal to post pictures online of naked children going to the bathroom. The Officer said yes, depending on the context. The caller then said the police cared more about harassing him than someone strapped with C4 and threatening to bomb an airport.  The caller said he knew how to handle C4 and if the police didn’t stop harassing him, he would blow up the police department. Jensen asked the caller which officers were harassing him. The caller said, “I ain’t no snitch.” The caller said the whole department knows who he is. When Jensen said he didn’t know who he was speaking with the caller said Jensen was lying and that situation was not a laughing matter and that he was going to blow up the police department with Jensen inside. Jensen said the call lasted seven minutes and nine seconds. Police traced the call and found there was a prior history from where the call originated.

Theft by deception: A man walked into the HPD office June 25 to report that a man had stolen his stereo equipment. The man said a person going by the name Mr. JP came to his house to look at the stereo equipment he was selling. The complainant said Mr. JP asked if he could check and make sure the equipment was in working condition before buying. The complainant said he allowed Mr. JP to place the equipment into his car. He said Mr. JP then got in his car gave him the middle finger salute and took off. The man said he attempted to call Mr. JP on the number he had from their first conversation, but Mr. JP has not answered his calls. Police tried the number, but no one answered. 

-Staff Report

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