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HPD Blotters April 20

Aggravated stalking

A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend walked into her garage unexpectedly and uninvited on March 29. The woman reported that she was in her garage smoking a cigarette, when her ex walked in and said, “Hello baby mama.” She reported she asked him to leave immediately and as he walked out he said he was going to smear her name all over the internet. The man entered a car with a female driver and left. The complainant told the officer she had an active restraining order against her ex.

Criminal trespass, damage

On March 28, a woman called police after hearing three loud bangs outside her home in Cypress Bend Mobile Home Park. The woman said she had returned home from a party in Midway and was in the kitchen eating when she heard the loud bangs. The woman said she ran toward her bathroom to get away from the loud sounds and she called 9-1-1. The woman said she entered the room closest to where she heard the loud bangs and found her window was broken. She later stepped outside and saw her home had holes from being shot up. According to the police report the officer found what looked like birdshot pellets from a shotgun along the side of the house. The officer asked the woman if she knew anyone who would target her. The woman replied she had lived in the home for two years and didn’t have any enemies. She also said when she stepped outside she didn’t see anyone and didn’t see any cars leaving the area. The incident report listed Christopher Sumlin as a suspect. This is the same man arrested on April 6 after he threatened a woman with a gun on E.G. Miles Parkway and later wrecked his car at a cars wash at 910 E.G. Miles Parkway.

Criminal trespass damage

In another neighborhood, on March 28, police responded to a call of shots being fired in the 2100 block of Walberg Drive. A man reported arriving home from a party in Midway. He said he stepped outside his home to smoke and heard gunshots but didn’t see anyone. A neighbor told the officer he saw a U-Haul truck stop in front of the home and fire off some shots. He said the truck fled the area. Police noticed shell casing in front of the complainant’s door. They asked him about the shell casings and the complainant admitted that he did see the U-Haul and when they fired shots in his direction his friend returned fire. He said the U-Haul fled the area. Police reported that more than one house and one vehicle had been struck by bullets.


A woman claimed she was raped by her ex-boyfriend and two of his friends after they knocked at her door and pushed their way into her home on Tupelo Trail. She alleged that all three men took turns raping her. She reported that she immediately took a shower afterwards and placed the clothes she was wearing during the assault in her room. She said after her shower she took a loaded firearm from the room and fired one round into the wall. She reported she attempted to fire a second round but the gun jammed. Police conducted a search of the home and found the clothing as the woman reported. But they were unable to find a gun nor find a hole in the wall. The officer reported that he spoke with a resident that was at the home the entire night. He said he heard the woman yelling on the phone but did not hear anything else.

Entering Auto

A man reported that his truck broke down near West 15 Street and Independent Place Apartments. The man told the officer he pushed his truck off the roadway to prevent anyone from hitting his truck. The man said he left the truck and went to an auto parts store to get what was needed to repair the vehicle. He returned to his truck and saw that someone had spray painted the side of the truck. The man said he would be able to clean off the paint but had to leave and returned to the truck the next day. When he returned the following day he found all four tires were slashed, his window was smashed and his truck radio was stolen. The man said they also took all the tools out of his truck tool box including a power saw. Police wrote up a report for the man’s insurance company and advised him to get the truck towed as soon as possible.

Shoplifting less than $500

Two women were caught on camera stealing athletic apparel from Dick’s Sporting Goods on March 27. Video footage showed the two woman entered the store with a child. The woman and child soon exited the store, got into a Blue Kia and staged the car near the front entrance. The other woman was seen running out of the store with merchandise in her hands and getting into the Kia. The merchandise was valued at $360.

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