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HPD blotters April 28

Criminal trespass

An HPD officer was dispatched to 727 South Main Street regarding a possible domestic call in progress.  When the officer arrived on scene he spoke with a woman who said her husband was inside the apartment breaking up furniture. The officer entered the apartment with the woman to speak with the husband. The husband said came to Georgia to visit with his son. He explained he got upset over a video he found of his wife in bed with another man and their baby. He stated he broke up the bed up and carried the pieces to the trash. The woman said she and he husband have been separated since December of last year. She reported that her husband has only been down here for a week and he lives in California. She said she was home and her estranged husband kicked her front door in damaging the threshold and the frame. The office confirmed the door frame was split from the top all the way down to the frame latch and strike plate. When the officer questioned the husband about the door he said he didn’t know how it got damaged. The husband was arrested for criminal trespass. He was taken to Liberty County Jail.

Theft by taking

An officer was to a Pineland Square apartment in reference to a theft. The officer spoke with a male complainant who said someone stole his delivered package. The complainant said he received a notification from Amazon that his package was delivered at his front door. The confirmation included a photo of the package at his front door. When the complainant returned home the package was not at the door. The complainant asked the children in the area if they have seen his package and they told the complainant they saw a package around the corner of the house. The complainant went around the back of his apartment and found his package which was opened and his merchandise stolen. That’s when the complainant called police to file a report.

Public indecency

An officer was dispatched to the Lowe’s in Hinesville after the loss prevention manager called to file a complaint. He reported that and African American male followed a female customer to the customer service desk and began to fondle himself, as he stood behind the woman, in public. He reported it occurred for about two and a half minutes. He reported the male left the customer service area when the female left the register. He said the man was seen on camera leaving the store through lawn and garden walking toward the Wendy’s. The office was provided a color picture of the suspect and video. The picture and video was taken to the detectives division.

Simple Battery

An officer was dispatched to 756 West Oglethorpe Highway in reference to a domestic. The officer spoke with a woman who said she was asleep and was abruptly woken up by her boyfriend. The woman claimed the boyfriend struck her in the face with his fist. She reported she got up from her bed and grabbed him around the neck to stop him from hitting her again. She said he left the room and she called the police. The officer saw redness around the woman’s left eye but no bruises or redness around her eye. The officer spoke with the boyfriend who claimed he brought his girlfriend pancakes and when he attempted to give them to her she attacked him for waking her up. The man had a scratch mark on the right side of his neck.

Seized contraband

An officer was patrolling on Fleming Road when he used his radar to check the speed of an approaching vehicle. Because the vehicle was speeding the officer made a traffic stop to investigate. When the officer ran the vehicle tags the drive was found to have an active warrant in Jonesboro, Georgia. The warrant was confirmed with a hold placed by the agency. When the officer went to speak with the driver he noticed the driver seemed nervous. The officer asked the drive if he had any weapons in the vehicle and was told that there was a loaded firearm under his driver’s seat. The man was given verbal directives which he followed. The driver was handcuffed and asked to exit the car.

The officer conducted a pat down search for weapons or contraband. He was in possession of a pocket knife which was removed and left with the vehicle. No other items were located and the officer secured him in his patrol vehicle. The officer then secured the firearm in the car and unloaded the gun. The officer called the registered owner of the car to pick up the vehicle. The driver was taken to jail where they also found he was in possession of 13 small white pills. The evidence was all secured

-Patty Leon

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