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HPD blotters June 9

Shop lifting less than $500

HPD officer were dispatched to the Dollar General on West Oglethorpe Highway for a possible shoplifting in progress. The officer met with the female store manager who reported three women appeared to be working together in taking items from the store. The manager said all three women entered the store together and while one woman distracted other employees, the other two women kept walking around the store in a suspicious manner and possibly stealing items. The manager reported she didn’t see them take anything, but they were acting unusually suspicious. The officer spoke with the three women who denied they stole anything. The officer took down the suspects names and addresses but without evidence released them from the store. The manager called the officer back into the store before he left and was able to review camera footage which revealed the women were stealing a cosmetic item. The officer reviewed the store cahiers receipt an no cosmetic items were purchased by the women.

Contributing to delinquency of minor

A young girl met with an officer at the Hinesville Police Department to report that her parents were forcing her to purchase marijuana for them since December of 2020. The girl said she was 17 when her parents asked her to go to an apartment on Pineland Ave., at least twice a week, to buy marijuana from a man she only knew by his nickname. She also told the officer that her parents would make her go with them to Cummings, Ga., where they would purchase 10 THC cartridges. The girl said she has smoked marijuana with her parents but did so only because she felt forced to. The girl was driven to HPD by her grandfather who told the officer that the family also has a three-year-old child at their home while they smoke marijuana. The officer wrote a referral to the Department of Family and Children Services.

Harassing communication

Officers responded to a call at a home on Atkinson Drive. The female complainant said she was receiving harassing calls from a man she had previously filed a report on for harassment and stalking. The complainant said since her previous report the man has repeatedly made attempts to contact her through text messages and unwanted calls. She also reported the man sent her flowers and gifts that she didn’t want. The officer used the complainant’s phone to get the man’s number and called the man. The officer informed the man to stop harassing the complainant. The officer reported the man said he would stop.

Criminal trespass damage

An HPD officer responded to a call regarding damage to property at a home in Sequoia Circle. The woman showed the officer her front and rear passenger car tires. The officer reported both had been slashed and flat. The complainant said she thinks she knows who slashed her tires due to a previous altercation with a certain man.

Criminal trespass damage

An officer was dispatched to an apartment on Pineland Ave and spoke with a man who claims his wife damaged his car. He said his wife is stationed in North Carolina and earlier that day they had an argument where she accused him of sleeping with another woman. He said his car was in perfect condition when he parked at his cousin’s house. While inside he heard some noise outside in the parking lot and went to check it out. The man found three of his tires were flat and damage to the driver’s door. The officer noted the damages reported.

Theft by taking – vehicle

An officer was dispatched to a church on Woodland Drive in reference to a car theft. A woman said she left church service, walked out of the church and noticed her car was gone. She said she thinks she knows who took the car and informed the officer that a woman had forged her name off the title and has sued her for the car. The church parking lot didn’t have a camera and another officer drove by the alleged suspect’s home, but the car was not parked there.


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