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HPD Blotters March 17

No insurance

A man had his car towed and was cited for driving a vehicle with no insurance. The man said he was aware the vehicle was not insured and was waiting until it was time to renew his old policy so he could add the car to it.

Simple Assault

A woman reported she’s been receiving threatening messages and possibly knows who is sending them but has no proof. She reported one of the threats stated the person wanted to shoot her child in the head. She told the officer she was in the process of getting a restraining order on the person she suspects is sending the messages.

Criminal Trespass

A woman reported that her daughter started arguing about family issues and then started throwing items like a fan, coffee maker and other small appliances around the house. She broke a light bub in the living room and damaged the items she threw. The woman was given information on how to secure a civil warrant.

Simple Battery

An argument started between a married couple after soda was spilled inside the car. The woman said she placed the soda in the car’s cup holder unaware that there was a sharp object in the cup holder. The object punctured the can and caused the soda to spill out. Once home the husband got out of the car leaving the door open. The husband returned with a hand full of paper towels. The woman said they were arguing over the spilled soda and the open door when the husband shoved the paper towels in her face. The wife claimed her husband then hit her with a closed fist in her face. The husband denied hitting her in the face and said that when he rubbed the paper towels in her face, she attacked him by scratching and hitting him repeatedly. The woman said she didn’t think her husband hit her in the face on purpose and didn’t want him to get into serious trouble but wanted him to understand his behavior was unacceptable and had to stop.

Firearms pointing or aiming at another

A woman reported that a female in a black pickup truck pointed a gun at her after an incident at the McDonald’s drive-thru on E.G. Miles Parkway. The complainant said she was in her car, waiting to pull up to the pay window when the lady in the truck behind her started yelling profanities at her and blowing her horn for her to move. She said after she paid and got her food the woman kept blowing the horn, so she got out of her car to see what the issue was. She told the officer that is when the lady aimed a gun at her and then she drove away. She managed to get the truck’s tag and gave that to the officer.

Criminal trespass

A church official suspects that several juveniles caused damage to the fence that surrounds the church’s A/C unit. The officer noted that several large rocks appeared to have been thrown at the vinyl fence causing several large holes. The church official said several juveniles were seen in the area earlier that day.

Accidental discharge

An incident report was filed March 1, noting that there was an accidental discharge of a firearm on the second floor of the Hinesville Police Department. No injuries were reported.

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