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HPD blotters May 5

Burglary, non-residence, second degree

An officer was dispatched to 103 Technology Drive in reference to an entering auto. The officer met with the complainant who said he was told by his boss that his semi-trailer was broken into. The complainant said nothing was taken, but a box was pulled out of the truck however, its contents were still in the box. The complainant said he would need a copy of a police report for work purposes. The officer saw the box on the ground outside of the truck and also some shoe prints that did not match the complainant’s shoes nor his work boots.

Simple Battery

An HPD officer was dispatched to the Motel 6 on West Gen. Screven Way on a call of a possible domestic disturbance. The officer spoke with the female complainant who said she and her boyfriend got into a verbal dispute. She said her boyfriend punched her in the left side of her jaw and she immediately ran to the hallway of the motel to call the police. When she called the police her boyfriend left the area. The officer reported he didn’t see any bruises or marks on the complainant’s jaw.

Three cases of theft by conversion

Officers responded to three different cases of theft by taking at the Hinesville Rent-A-Center

In the first case the assistant manager reported that a customer had not made payments on his account on a rented HP laptop. The account had a remaining balance of $1,124.55 and the customer had failed to return the item.

In the second case a female customer also failed to make the monthly payments on another HP desk top computer and had an outstanding balance of $1,385.53.

In a third case a customer failed to make payments and refused to return a bedroom set and mattress valued at nearly $3,000. 

In all three cases the assistant manager reported that certified letters were sent to the addresses they had on file.


An officer was dispatched to 915 E. Gen. Stewart Way in reference to a possible burglary. The officer spoke with the male complainant who said he left town on March 18, 2021 and arrived back home on April 12. When he got home he discovered that his front door had been forced open. The complainant said he searched the house to make sure it was clear. The complainant reported his tool was moved into the closet (still locked and secured), with a stool set on top of it. The perpetrator appeared to have entered his home through the attic above the complainant’s home. The man reported a pair of his pants (military pants) was missing from his house. The incident report noted that the offender left behind a pair of green pants and red underwear at the scene. The complainant said nothing else appeared to be stolen at this time and he does not know who or why someone would do this.

Simple assault

An officer was dispatched to 201 South Main Street, the Liberty County Courthouse, in response to a disturbance in the back of the court house. The officer spoke with a male who said a woman made threats against him. The complainant said the woman threatened to call her boyfriend to mess him up.

The complainant said he was fearful that someone was going to come to the area and harm him and or his wife to the woman’s statement. The complainant said it all started after a child custody hearing. The woman said she told the officer she was going to call her boyfriend because the complainant made threats against her. The complainant and woman didn’t know each other prior to their altercation and were only present at the courthouse to support family and friends going through the custody battle.

Driving while license suspended/revoked

An officer was on direct patrol in the area around Bacon Road and McDowell Road conducting speed enforcement. The officer was stationary on McDowell Road facing northbound when he observed a red Ford Escape traveling toward the officer and at a high rate of speed faster than the speed limit. The officer began to follow the speeding car and mad a traffic stop on Bacon Road near Fleming Road. During the traffic stop the officer discovered the female driver had a suspended license due to a second no insurance violation. The woman was placed under arrest. However, the woman was traveling with a child so the officer cited her on scene and had the woman call a licensed driver to come and drive them away. The woman later turned herself in at the Hinesville Police Department where she was properly booked and cited.

Theft by taking

An officer was contacted by the Bradwell Institute Media Specialist in reference to a stolen iPad. She reported that a student withdrew from the school but had not returned the school issued iPad. The Media Specialist said the phone number for the student was no longer a working number. The school attempt to email the student and parent but were not successful.

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