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HPD blotters for Sept. 29
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

Civil Matter

An officer was dispatched on Sept. 11, to a home in the 100 block of Deerwood Court in reference to a domestic not In progress. The dispatched told the officer the male subject had left the home but a back window had been broken.

The officer spoke with the complainant, who reported her son broke out the rear bedroom window. The complainant reported her son was told he could not use the washing machine anymore because he puts too much stuff in at one time. The complainant said she took his clothes out, put them in a laundry basket and set them outside the home and locked her son out of the home. She stated she then got in the car and left the house to go take care of something. She reported that as she was leaving the home, she saw her son walk to the back of the house. The complainant did admit her son does still live at home.

The complainant said when she returned home, she walked to the back of the house and saw the back window was broken, there was a bloody shirt inside the home with small blood droplets on the ground.

The officer saw the broken window in the rear of the home the complainant showed him the bloody shirt and blood droplets on the ground. The complainant said she wanted her son arrested for breaking the window and to tell him, he was no longer allowed back to the house. The officer informed the complainant on eviction procedures. The officer went to the eatery where the son works so he could get his side of the story. The son said his mom had locked him out of the house and he does not have a key. The son said he remembered speaking with an officer the last time she locked him out who told him he lives at the residence so he can do what is needed to get Inside. He said his mother left so he walked around to the rear of the house and pushed on his bedroom window to see how strong it was. As he pushed on the glass it shattered cutting his hand. The son said he crawled through the window, got his work clothes and then left the home. He stated he felt bad for the window getting broke and has every intention on paying for the damages.

Criminal trespass

The BB gun bandit struck again, this time on Sept. 11, damaging the window of a car parked in the 700 block of olive Street. The car had BB gun damage on the passenger side door and the passenger side window was shattered.

Entering Auto

On Sept. 10, an officer was dispatched to a home in the 800 block of Ridgewood Way after receiving a call about entering an auto. The female complainant said someone stole some items out of her vehicle and used a debit card that was taken to make some purchases. The complainant reported she thinks the items were taken two days prior from the Kroger parking lot. She said she did not realize that the items were taken until this morning when she went to the doctor and saw her insurance cards were missing. The complainant reported she was contacted this afternoon by a female detective with the Liberty County Sheriff’s office who stated some of her items were recovered during a search warrant and can be picked up the following morning. The complainant said she could not recall the detective’s name and was unsure if all items were located. The complainant said the car has a keyless entry and she wasn’t sure if the car was locked or not. Who ever entered the car had already made some fraudulent purchases using her credit cards and debit card.

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