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LCHS Class of 2021 receive regular graduation ceremony
Back to pomp and circumstance for LCHS Panthers

Liberty County High School's graduating class of 2021 received a typical farewell this past weekend as they held an in-person graduation ceremony. Unlike their counterparts from last year’s graduating class, who got their diplomas via a drive-thru ceremony, this year’s class returned to normal with all the pomp and circumstance.

The graduating seniors from Liberty County High School walked onto Donell Woods Stadium field to get their diplomas. While the students had to wear mask, it didn’t damper their spirits or enthusiasm or that of family member who watched from the stands.

The ceremony was dedicated to Djhari Chipp, who passed away on May 7, 2021.

Tillman Norsworthy, the LCHS Panthers’ Valedictorian told his classmates to value their self-worth.

“As you tirelessly work, as you grind and push and push and push, please ask yourself, am I fulfilled?” he asked. “Maybe the particular thing you're doing does not bring you joy, but overall, how do you feel? The most important thing to have in your life is your personal happiness. Finding what fulfills you will allow you to spread joy and continue leading the life you want to lead. Happiness can be found in literally everything. Take everyday step by step on your journey, savor each moment “I just want you to understand that life is about happiness and fulfillment within yourselves,” he said. “Achieve your goals and live comfortably. I want that for you.”

Salutatorian Devi Patel listed all of the things they learned in high school both academic and nonacademic and said the most important thing was valuing and cherishing relationships.

“We learned the hardships that come with not being able to see each other physically and will never forget to appreciate the company of those we cherish while we still can,” she said. “The best advice I was given this year was to focus on what makes you happy and take everything one step at a time. Though we did not get the senior year we wanted, we got one I am sure we will never forget. Here’s to the class of 2021. We are resilient. We are strong. And we can accomplish everything we want.”

Alisha Brockington said she was thrilled to have finished high school and was happy her class was able to get a traditional ceremony. But she added if they had to revert to a drive-thru format she would have still appreciated being able to have some form of ceremony to receive her diploma.

“I’m just happy that I am graduating here with all my fellow peers,” she said. Brockington said she plans to join the Navy in June.

Christiane Bernades said he was glad they held a traditional ceremony instead of a drive-thru event. “it’s special that we get to graduate here like this,” he said. He said he was shocked and nervous to finally be done with high school. “It hasn’t hit me yet,” he said. “It’s an honor.” Bernades said he plans to attend Georgia Southern and hopes to be in the medical field.

 Here is a link to the photo gallery: LCHS Photo gallery

Patty Leon contributed to this report.

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