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Marne soldier creates app to fight barracks mold problem
soldier mold app
Spec. Salem Ezz works on an app to help curtail the mold problem in Fort Stewart barracks.

A 3rd Infantry Division soldier may have found a way to help his fellow soldiers combat one of their biggest enemies on post – mold in the barracks.

Spec. Salem Ezz, a lead software developer at the Marne Innovation Center, has come up with the MCAT, or mold condition awareness tool. The app connects to a network of sensors reporting a barrack room’s temperature and humidity every half hour. There is a button for reporting mold near each sensor, enabling information to be gathered when mold appears.

“The tool will help Fort Stewart in a number of ways,” Ezz said. “It help Fort Stewart understand the mold problem better by gathering data “

The MCAT also provides a means for soldiers to report mold in their barracks, Ezz said. It also could help solve the mold problem, using data and sensors to trigger ventilation fans in crawl spaces, “which seem to be a major source of the problem,” Ezz said.

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