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Babies don't steal
Hinesville PD blotter for Oct. 3

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Welfare check: Police were dispatched to an Oak Street address around 8:20 p.m. Sept. 21 "in reference a threat of suicide by cop call." Liberty County 911 had gotten a call from a man "advising he had just spoken to his son … who sounded depressed. He was worried (the son) who has PTSD would attempt to (commit) suicide by cop. (The man) advised during the phone call (his son) told him to please take care of his kids. (The man) interpreted the statement as a suicide threat. (The man) also advised 911 dispatch that (his son) owns multiple guns."

Four officers went to the man’s home, "parked our vehicles a good distance away from the residence and approached on foot. The lights inside the residence were on and visual contact was made. (The son) was seated in his living room at his computer. We rang the doorbell and knocked but he did not come to the door. He then turned off the lights inside the residence and came to the door. He was surprised to see us then laughed stating he knew we spoke to his father."

The man wasn’t carrying weapons "and appeared calm and in good health. He did advise he was going through some things but did not make suicide threats."

Officers asked if he wanted to go to the hospital, but he said no and "advised he was going to see his PTSD counselor (the next day)."

Police called the man’s father to let him know his son seemed to be OK.

Assist citizen: An officer was sent to a Bagley Avenue address Sept. 19 to handle a harassment complaint. There, he spoke with a woman who said "a man named Kevin (no other information available) sent a naked picture of himself." The woman said she texted the man back and told him she didn’t like his sending her "that kind of picture," the report said.

"He sent a text back saying he was sorry and would not do it again," the report said. "She continued responding to texts from Kevin after that incident. And he did not send any more obscene pictures."

The woman told the officer the man was homeless and she was afraid he might come by and try to "do something."

The officer saw "the naked picture" of the man and the woman’s response. "I informed her if she did not want any further contact with him, she would have to contact him and tell him she does not want him to have any contact with her."

The officer ended his report by noting he’d add the woman’s home to HPD’s house checklist.

Disorderly conduct: An officer was sent to a title pawn business around 6:30 p.m. Sept. 19 because a man who works at a nearby car dealership brought a woman to the title pawn business "to attempt to get her financed on a car."

The complainant, also a woman, said she told the man they didn’t finance cars. "(Complainant) then stated it appeared he got upset with her response. He began to get angry and act in a tumultuous manner," the report said. "At one point (the man) was just sitting there staring at (the complainant). She asked him why he was staring at her like that and he told her ‘I’ll looking at you any way I (bleep) want to."

The woman told the officer she asked the man to leave, then called his boss and told him not to let his employee come to the title pawn business.

The officer went to talk to the man, and "he only stated that (the complainant) just wanted to be hard to get along with."

The officer told the man the complainant didn’t want him back on the property. Both folks were given case numbers and the complainant was told how to get a warrant if the man came back.

Civil matter: A lady went to HPD on Sept. 19 to tell police "her car is not being returned by the person borrowing it." She told police she loaned a woman her 2010 Dodge Charger and that the woman agreed to pay the car note while she was using it. When she asked for her car back, the woman told her she’d paid her $800 for it and was buying the car, not borrowing it. What’s more, the woman said she’d contacted a lawyer and "will be suing you for the car."

The lady said there was no written agreement. So, police called the other woman and she said they’d agreed she buy the car, not borrow it. She said she’d given the woman money so "she could buy herself a new car" and had gotten a lawyer to "pursue ownership of the vehicle."

Both women were given a case number.

Lost property: An officer was sent to a Hall Street apartment shortly before 9 p.m. Sept. 19 regarding a theft. There, a woman claimed she’d left her wallet "on the roof of their vehicle at approximately (4 p.m.). At approximately (8 p.m.) she could not find her wallet."

The officer then filled out a sheet describing the wallet and what was inside it. The next day, while finishing up his paperwork the officer was sent back to the same apartment, where he met with the same woman.

"She stated that she found her wallet under the bed in her bedroom with all of the reported stolen items still inside the wallet. (She) stated that her (1-year-old) son may have put the wallet under the bed."

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