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Good Samaritans discover early morning wreck
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Two Good Samaritans may have saved the life of a woman who was found unconscious early Friday after her vehicle ran off the road, hit a pine tree and overturned.
Hinesville resident Quantina Brooks, 30, was still unconscious Saturday afternoon in a Savannah hospital.
Georgia State Patrol dispatcher Terri Graffagnina said the wreck occurred on Highway 119 also known as E.B. Cooper Highway near  Holmestown Road.
Hinesville resident Kevin Clark was the first person on the scene before daylight Friday. He realized someone was in trouble when he saw debris and a bumper in the middle of the road.
“I left my house at 4 in the morning on the way to work and I saw a lot of debris in the road. I swerved to avoid hitting a bumper and turned around,” he said. “I realized I’d actually passed the truck in the trees. I turned around because I suspected someone had run off the road and sure enough it was a Chevy Blazer or something in the woods.”
Clark called 9-1-1 dispatch and then set out to look for possible victims.
The vehicle was lying on its side, he said, with the bottom of the Blazer visible from the highway.
“I called out and there was no answer. I didn’t have a flashlight, but I heard a noise,” he said. “Shortly after that, another fellow pulled up who had a flashlight. I said ‘look in the woods because they may have been thrown in the woods.’
Clark, who didn’t know the name of the other Good Samaritan, said they searched the area and discovered the woman “hanging out of the back of the truck.”
“She was half way out of the vehicle, unconscious, making a moaning noise,” he said. “When I heard that moaning I was concerned that she wasn’t going to make it.” Clark said, noting he made a second call to 9-1-1 urging a response since none had arrived on the scene.
The men remained with the injured woman until help arrived.
“We didn’t move her or touch her because we were afraid she may have been thrown to the back of the vehicle. Her leg may have been broken because we could see it was twisted,” he said.
 “I actually made three calls to 9-1-1. It seemed like it was taking so long. It really wasn’t, it just seemed that way,” Clark said.
A sheriff arrived on the scene a short time later, followed by an ambulance, he said.
Clark realized only 30 minutes had passed between stopping to help and then leaving the scene to continue on his way to work.
“We left after they (rescue workers) had everything under control,” he said.
“I hope she survived. Had it not been for the bumper in the road she probably wouldn’t have been found until it became light,” Clark said.   
He thought of his wife and daughter during the ordeal.
“I would want somebody to stop for them or stop for me,” he said.  
According to the GSP report, Brooks’ 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer ran off the road, struck a tree and flipped over to the side.
“It looks like she went off the right hand side of the road and probably jerked back,” Graffagnina said. “We don’t know how many times it flipped but we think it was one time and then it was left on its side.
“Traffic was sparse and no other vehicle was involved in the incident. Once she is conscious, officers will talk to her for the first time and find out what happened,” she said.
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