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Hinesville Police blotters for June 29

June 7: Aggravated assault (vehicle) — An officer was dispatched to the scene of an apparent hit-and-run accident on Abrahms Ally. A white SUV reportedly struck a man and then left the area.
The victim said his friend had given him a ride home, and during the car ride, the victim felt like his friend was threatening his 8-month-old daughter. When they pulled up to the victim’s house, the friend walked over to the front door, which concerned the victim, who then punched his friend in the face and told him to leave. The man got back in his SUV, reportedly struck the victim twice and then drove off.
The victim did not want to get his friend in trouble, so he would not provide the offender’s name. The responding officer talked to the neighbor who had called 911, and the neighbor confirmed the victims’ story. The officer took a bloody baseball cap to the police station as evidence.

June 8: Criminal trespass — Two officers were called to a West Court Street apartment regarding a window-unit air conditioner that had been removed. A woman who came to clean the apartment said she noticed it on the ground. She found a bag of cellphones, a debit card and phone chargers inside. Police were told that after the last apartment resident moved out, a friend of his moved in without permission. However, that man had been arrested in May for this.
Authorities contacted residents who live nearby and had complained of multiple burglaries. It appeared the items found in the apartment belonged to the burglary victims.

Possession of drug paraphernalia, suspected prostitution — An officer recognized a woman getting into the passenger side of a truck at Motel 6 as someone who had a warrant out for her arrest through the Hinesville Police Department. The officer initiated a traffic stop and arrested the woman. A search uncovered a crack pipe in her underwear. The driver and his truck were searched, but nothing was found.

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