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Hinesville Police Department blotters for July 11

June 28Criminal trespass — An officer responded at Ballard Drive in reference to two unidentified men knocking on the complainant’s door.
The officer did not see anyone when he arrived at the complainant’s house. The complainant said that the two men knocked on her door, but she did not answer because she didn’t know them. She called 911, and they walked away.
They came back, though, and knocked on her back door. She didn’t see them well enough to describe them, other than noticing one man had dreadlocks and they were driving a silver sedan. Her side gate was open with fresh markings in the soil. She said the gate was closed earlier.
The officer found evidence that indicated an automobile had been entered without authorization. Witnesses said they saw several men walking in the area, one of whom matched the description the complainant gave.

Entering auto — After clearing a criminal-trespass incident on Ballard Drive, an officer drove onto Ashton Drive and found several military-gear items lying on the road.
Officers found papers with the victim’s name and address on them. When they made contact with him, he was unaware of how his items ended up there. He last saw those items in his trunk. When he opened the trunk to show the officers, he noticed a black backpack missing as well. The man thought his car was secured, but the driver’s side door was open with no evidence of forced entry. Witnesses saw three men walking down the street, with one carrying a dark-colored backpack.

June 29
Criminal trespass — An officer went to Eagle Creek Mobile Home Park because a resident noticed his curtains had been moved. He then found one of his windows broken.
However, nothing was stolen, and he didn’t think anyone came inside. There was no evidence of entry gained through the window due to the way it was broken.

July 2
Entering auto — An officer was flagged down by a pedestrian because her car was entered by an unknown person. The GPS was missing from the car, but because it was her husband’s car, she was unsure if it was locked or unlocked. She gave the officer the box to the GPS, and he obtained product information.

July 3
Suspicious persons — An officer saw two people walking in the Fraser Acres subdivision who matched the description of two suspects involved in several entering-auto incidents in the Griffin Park subdivision.
The officer made contact with the two at Doodles. They told the officer that he was the second officer who had wanted to talk to them that night. They said they came from their house and were going to meet a person at Doodles.
After observing the two individuals a little closer, the officer determined they did not look like the suspects. He thanked them for their time and let them go.

Stalking — A Hinesville woman received 10 text messages throughout the day from another woman. The complainant texted the woman, telling her to stop contacting her or any of her family members, but the stalker continued to text and call the complainant.

July 4
Entering auto — An officer went to East M.L. King Jr. Drive because of a report of someone entering a man’s car.
The man went to his friend’s house to pick him up and left the car on and the door open. He returned to his car five minutes later and noticed his cellphone had been slightly moved. He checked inside the center console, and $420 was missing. The complainant went inside his friend’s house to see if his friend’s brother had gone outside at any time, but he said no. The man then went to the police department to file a report.

July 5
Hit and run — An officer noticed damage to the rear passenger-side quarter panel and rear bumper of his patrol car. The patrol car had been parked at the police department during his shift. Earlier that day, another officer had looked at the car, and the damage was not present. The damaged area had white or silver paint on it.
The officer suspected it was someone who came to pick up another person who recently had been arrested and released.

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