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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Aug. 16
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Aug. 28: Verbal dispute — A woman told deputies she took money from her husband’s wallet to buy lottery tickets for her father. When she returned, her husband yelled at her for spending money.
The couple continued to argue outside. The husband then called his mother to help him pack his clothes so he could move out of the house. He told deputies the furniture in the home was his, but his wife could have it.
The deputies left but were later called back to the house, as the husband and wife were arguing over belongings. It was determined a kitchen table belonged to the husband’s mother. The husband was attempting to take all of the furniture. The deputy told the couple he could not divide their belongings and would have to resolve that issue in civil court.
The husband and his mother left the area.  

Aug. 30
Stalking — A man said he had received more than 100 harassing text messages from one particular number claiming his wife was unfaithful and has venereal diseases. He said he also had received calls from the same number, but no one would speak. The man told police he does not know the phone number, but said two of his ex-girlfriends also received texts from the same number.
The wife told deputies she also received similar texts from that number. She also reported someone had posted photos of her from her Facebook page to a cheaters website.

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