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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for March 11
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Drug charge
Feb. 26, 2007
Highway 405

Deputies stopped a vehicle that was speeding. A check revealed the driver had a suspended license. One of the deputies walked his K-9 around the vehicle, and the dog reacted. One of the vehicle’s passengers had badges from NYPD and DEA in his possession and said they belonged to his uncle. Deputies found a metal case that had marijuana in it. Both men were arrested and taken to Liberty County jail.

Structure fire
Feb. 25, 2007
Lake Drive, Midway

Deputies responded to a fire call on Lake Drive and found a wood shed at the rear of a residence on fire. The back of the residence had vinyl siding and it had begun to melt. The fire was extinguished before causing further damage to the house and the investigation was turned over to Liberty County Fire Coordinator James Ashdown.

Drug, weapon charges
Feb. 23, 2007
Highway 405

A deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding. The deputy noticed the driver was nervous and could not hold still and asked him to step to the rear of the vehicle. The deputy went to the passenger side of the vehicle to speak to the passenger and detected an odor of marijuana. Another deputy arrived and upon investigation found what appeared to be crack cocaine, marijuana and an automatic pistol with a loaded chamber. The subjects were arrested and taken to Liberty County jail.

Feb. 21, 2007
E. Oglethorpe Highway

An off-duty deputy patrolling Wal-Mart was informed by an employee that a man had been in the store a couple of nights and loitering in the area of the Heritage Bank branch and sometimes even sleeping in a chair. The deputy found the man and informed him he could not be in that area when the bank is closed. The man became belligerent, claiming he was a customer and could be where he pleased. The deputy asked him for his identification and the man replied he was not driving so did not have to present it. The man continued to disobey the deputy and was arrested and charged with obstruction. The deputy then had the man’s vehicle, which was filled with clothing and personal property, towed for safekeeping. The man was taken to Liberty County jail.

Drug charge
Feb. 15, 2007
Highway 405

A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a Dodge Durango for weaving. As the deputy approached the vehicle, he smelled what he thought was marijuana. The deputy asked the driver to get out and questioned whether there were any drugs in the vehicle. The driver said no and consented to a search. The deputy noticed the passenger in the vehicle had blood shot eyes and also questioned him. The passenger also denied there were any drugs in the vehicle. During the search, the deputy found a pipe, a yellow pill bottle with a green leafy substance in it and a bag containing suspected marijuana in one of the passenger’s shoes. Both subjects were taken to jail for processing. Evidence was turned over to the investigator on the case.

Disorderly conduct
Feb. 16, 2007
Howard Road, Hinesville

A complainant told deputies she rents a house from a gentleman who lives in a camper besides the residence. The complainant said the man is a Gateway patient and has severe mood swings and on this occasion he entered into the residence (they share the bathroom and kitchen) and began hitting her dogs and threatening to kill her if she did not take the dogs outside. Deputies advised her on warrant procedures.

Theft by taking
Jan. 15-Feb. 16, 2007
Live Oak Church Road

A report was made concerning property that was missing from a residence. The complainant said that over several months 10 live steel animal traps were taken. The woman did not report it until the last time she went to the residence when she realized someone had also taken a 12-foot aluminum boat. The case was turned over to detectives.

Entering auto
Feb. 17, 2007
Montague Street, Riceboro

A husband and wife who pulled into the Shell gas station at exit 67 in Riceboro, reported a man had taken some items out of the car. The wife said she entered the station and when she returned to she noticed her purse, jewelry box, a radar detector and a navigational system were missing. The husband reported he had his back turned to the vehicle while pumping gas when he heard the passenger door close. He went to see if it was his wife and saw a man leaving in a gray car. He did not get a better description because at that time he did not realize the items were missing. The items included $800 in cash, credit cards, medications (steroids and Vicodin), a $25,000 diamond ring, a $2,000 diamond ring and a $1,000 topaz ring.  

DFACS referral
Feb. 19, 2007
Kelly Drive, Hinesville

A complainant said she was having difficulty with her 17-year-old son who is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and other mental and physical conditions. The teen reportedly threw a fit and began throwing items around the house and breaking things. According to the sheriff’s office, the incident was the 10th call 911 has received regarding the teen. DFCS was notified.
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