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Long Co. E911 on track
MR E-911 2
The Ludowici Police Department radio tower is one to be assessed by a GeoComm equipment specialist this month. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
GeoComm Account Manager Deb Blanchard recently presented an update to Long County commissioners in regards to the progress of the E-911 plan.  
“Your county is right where it ought to be, in fact you are a little ahead of expectations,’ she said.
According to Blanchard, the county has completed its addressing, with the exception of a few roads, and has received more than 70 percent of all the information packets from the residents in Long County.
Blanchard also reported that even though some people had not returned their surveys, those individuals were still being urged to contact the commissioners office, and a special packet would be created for them.  
“Even though Teresa (Leiste, the GIS specialist for the county) canvassed the whole county, and the roads are identified, we still need people to give us some information, to help them during the changes,” Blanchard said.
She also informed the commissioners that although the equipment, which Long County had, was more than sufficient to fulfill the needs of the changeover; GeoComm would be sending another equipment specialist to look at the towers for a final verification this month.
She also gave an update on the E-911 Center to be located in Darien, saying, “The Wire Grass 911 Center is right on schedule, and the layout of the center has been put on a blue print, for the work to begin.”   
The E-911 project is a joint effort between Long and McIntosh counties
Blanchard also informed commissioners that the county’s residents would be receiving their new addresses in the mail from GeoComm, but they were not to make a change of address until the post office sent out notification to do so.
“People will be getting their address from us in the near future, but if they inform bill collectors and anyone too soon, it can get their mail in a bind. The post office will send out the notices, and then the people can let others know,” Blanchard said.
She also praised all the people who had been working on the E-911 project; “You have done a wonderful job. I know it is a lot of work when a county decides to take this on, but your county has done a great job getting to where you are.”
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