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Mutilated puppies found after assault
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Monday, at around 7:29 p.m., the Ludowici Police Department was called to investigate a report of a man lying on North Railroad Street, near Azalea Street.
According to the report, officers arrived and found James Shimchick lying in a pool of blood, still bleeding from a large cut over his left eyebrow. A witness told officers he had seen a group near the victim, with a 2x4 board. And when the police car approached, the group ran off. The victim was unable to give any information initially.
The next day Investigator Richard Robertson followed up on the investigation and reported that Shimchick had found two dead puppies on the road the night before. One of the dogs had its head cut off and both dogs had been gutted. Shimchick said he then got a plastic bag and put the puppies in the bag, and was leaving the area. He then was surrounded by a group of juveniles and an argument took place. He was hit in the head with a 2x4.
Robertson said, “At this time I do not know if the mutilation of the puppies and the assault on Mr. Shimchick are connected or not. I am concerned about the way the dogs were killed. A  lot of times when you find a mutilation to an animal like this, it can lead to worse things.”
Robertson said killing the animals in the manner that they were is felony aggravated cruelty to animals. He also said he doesn’t know if the person who killed them owned the puppies, or if they had been stolen.
“I don’t know if whoever did this is an adult or a child, but if it was a kid, that child would need some counseling, and hopefully we could get them some before they get into even worse things,” Robertson said.
If anyone has any information about the assault to Shimchick or the mutilation of the puppies, they can contact either Robertson or Sgt. Sal Genualdi at the Ludowici Police Department at 545-9472.
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