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A little help from one mother to another
Letter to the editor

Editor, My wife went grocery shopping the morning of Aug. 21 with our 2-year-old son. While shopping, she bumped into another shopper along the way several times and made small talk. My son started to get bored and upset, so my wife cut her trip short and headed to the checkout.
While in line, my son’s attitude worsened and a cashier pulled my wife from the line and offered to help her at another register, only to take her to the self-checkout. My wife attempted to check herself out but realized my son wasn’t going to make it, and she began feeling frustrated. She asked the cashier to void out her items so she could bring our son home. She said she would return to purchase her groceries within the next 30 minutes.
When she returned, all of the items were bagged and sitting in a cart. My wife asked the cashier if she had scanned them already, and the cashier responded that it was already taken care of. According to the cashier, the lady in line behind my wife (the one she had bumped into throughout the store) said to let her know that she is a mother, too, and understands how it can be sometimes. That was it — no name or anything. Just simple kindness.
This lady has no idea the effect she had on my wife and our family. We were struggling with some bills this month and her heartfelt act helped to alleviate some of that stress. She made my wife’s day better and helped us in more ways than she’ll ever know.
I hope she comes across this letter one day. I know she did not do a good deed for recognition, but I want to let her know that we are truly grateful for her kindness and we hope to do the same for someone in the future.

— Charles Harris

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