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All we can do is pray for victims
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With the aftershock of the Virginia Tech shootings rocking the minds of many, it is quite difficult to collect the logic of the killer amidst the bullet casings and the carnage.
Seung-Hui Cho drove his pen beneath his skin and the flesh of his victims to inscribe a despicable story that was written in blood rather than ink.
Now these crimson markings will stain the pages of history for years to come as we will recollect upon these victims, and all the others who have been mercilessly murdered in the past.
When atrocities like this occur, we frantically question the cause, and we endlessly inquire in an attempt to answer just one word that escapes us — why?
Why did this happen? Why was it not prevented? Why am I alive? And why are they dead?
Despite the questioning and the finger pointing, there are no tangible answers because it is extraordinarily difficult for a sane person to rationalize the irrational thoughts and feelings of someone who is insane.
The family members of the victims and the faculty, staff and students of VA Tech will have to find solace in others, and the evident truth is some will never fully recover.
This outcome is particularly hard to piece together because Cho had no clear motives for his rampage. Sure there were warning signs, but how often do we know there is a bomb planted among us until it explodes?
The truth is we are all startled even further because we once again have been bludgeoned by the fact such shootings can occur anywhere and at any time.   
We ask how much more youth will be wasted before we figure out how to help these troubled people who are deliriously bent on carrying out a disastrous agenda.  
This will most likely not be the last school shooting, and the next one will not be the last either.
In the meantime, we have to band together and figure out how to better protect the schools within our communities. We must be attentive, we should help our school systems and maybe we can donate even a little of our own money in order to safeguard the younger generations.    
There are many others out there who are on the verge of losing control, and it is the responsibility of everyone to get to them before they get to us. Sometimes we’ll succeed, but failure is inevitable.
All we can do is pray and come to the aid of the victims, and we cannot approach these irrevocable outcomes with anger because our rage will only make us stray further from the questions we so desperately try to answer.
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