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Can Gingrich pull off a comback?
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In Republican counties across Georgia, voters are keeping a close eye on the GOP candidates running for president.
For many of the candidates, if you believe the polls, the race has been much like a yo-yo — one candidate is up one week, then it’s another candidate whose popularity rises.
Mitt Romney is the only candidate who has been near the top of the polls throughout the campaign. Others have had their ups and downs, mostly notably Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry. Both are down now.
Recently, Herman Cain has soared to the top, challenging Romney as the leading candidate.
Throughout the race, one of the most intriguing candidates has been former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who once represented Coweta County in the U.S. House.
Gingrich has been back in the pack throughout the campaigning.
But within the past several days, as Cain’s campaign has been dogged by accusations of sexual harassment, Gingrich’s polling numbers seem to be rising.
Is the former speaker peaking at the right time, with the first state caucus votes to be cast in less than two months (Jan. 3) in Iowa? Or is Gingrich just another so-called “flavor of the month” — a candidate who rises in the polls temporarily, then drops back into the pack?
Can Gingrich win the nomination? That still may be a longshot. If that should happen, it would be one of the great comebacks in U.S. politics.

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