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Firefighters recommend renter's insurance
Letter to the Editor

Editor, The Hinesville Fire Department responds to several residential fires each year. Often, the structure involved in the fire is rented property. In several incidents that I have responded to in my 21 years with the department, residents have lost all of their belongings and did not have renter’s insurance. This is a reminder from our department for renters to get renter’s insurance today.
When disaster strikes, it does not differentiate between rented buildings and owned homes. Renters face the same risks as homeowners. Landlords or condo associations may have insurance, but it only covers the building structure, not the renter’s personal contents inside.
Losing your home is traumatizing in itself. Losing all of your belongings with no way of getting them replaced or receiving funds for the loss makes things worse. On many occasions, I respond to calls where tenants do not have renter’s insurance to cover their losses.
There are several types of residential-insurance policies. Renters insurance, condo insurance, actual cash-value coverage, replacement-cost coverage and more. I urge renters to do the research and decide which of these policies works best for them. I’m sure local agents will be happy to help.
When we respond to future calls, it is our hope that after saving lives and property, no resident will be left without the necessary coverage to replace their personal belongings. Hopefully, this message will encourage more people to act now and protect the belongings they have worked hard to acquire.

— Capt. Andra M. Hart Sr.
public safety education coordinator
Hinesville Fire Department

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