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Hinesville mosquito control praised
Letter to the Editor

Editor, Two and a half years ago, Hinesville renovated its mosquito-control program to bring it in line with the American Mosquito Control Association’s recommendations for an integrated mosquito control program.
Old damaged New Jersey light traps were replaced with both CDC light traps for general surveillance and gravid traps for WNV surveillance. Control efforts were based on surveillance data and complaints. Local program manager Kenna Graham became involved with the Georgia Mosquito Control Association in order to stay up to date on new issues facing mosquito-control programs in the state. All these changes have made the Hinesville mosquito-control program one of the better programs in Georgia.
The possibility of transmitting Chikungunya, a viral disease caused by the bite of infected mosquitoes, is increasing in Georgia, and the presence of the vector species Aedes albopictus is nearly universal. So, good mosquito-control programs are even more important. In addition, Hinesville needs a good program because the military base means it’s possible that personnel might return from overseas with mosquito-borne diseases for which the area has competent vectors.
Is mosquito control an important service for Hinesville? Broadly speaking, the benefits of mosquito control can be divided into three classes: nuisance benefits, economic benefits and public-health benefits. Nuisance benefits include relief to people around homes or in parks and recreational areas. Nuisance benefits can even be said to extend to pets and to wildlife.
Economic benefits include increased real-estate values, enhanced tourism and related business interests, and increased livestock or poultry production. Public-health benefits include the reduction of infectious disease agents.

— Dr. Rosmarie Kelly,
public-health entomologist
Georgia Department of Public Health

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