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Is heat driving people mad?
Letter to the editor
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Editor, Recently, I’ve spotted some news headlines — around the region, state and country — that I never thought I’d see. It really makes me wonder, “Whatever were they thinking?”
• “It’s too hot (in schools)” — Savannah school-board member Connie Hall, after voting to start local schools in early August instead of after Labor Day, now is complaining that the air conditioning is not cooling schools enough to be comfortable, not to mention the extra cost associated with running it so much.
• “Felons convicted of violent crimes to get gun rights restored” —  The Georgia State Board of Pardons restored firearms rights for more than 1,400 felons between 2008 and 2013, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Aug. 24.
• “9-year-old girl accidentally shoots gun instructor with Uzi on family vacation” — An Arizona family vacation apparently turned deadly at local gun range.
• “Tear down that I-16 overpass” — The Savannah City Council suspects no one uses it anyway, and they have nothing else to spend taxes on.
• “How did I get caught?” — Macon school PTO treasurer  Eloise Maxine Reid was arrested Aug. 21 when the $1,800 fraudulent check she wrote overdrew the school account she was embezzling from.
 This is just a small sample of recent news stories. Has the summer heat melted everyone’s brains?

— Rafe Semmes

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