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Kerry finally admits the Islamic State is guilty of genocide
Letter to the editor


Within international law, the term “genocide” has become a legal term of art. It is specifically defined so guilt may be effectively assigned to perpetrators thereof. However, as in most cases since, and including the Holocaust, the U.S. and the West have used that legal specificity for cover to avoid uncomfortable politics. Politics that are meaningless to the dead and dying for whom the Barack Hussein Obamas, Hillary Rodham Clintons and John Kerrys of the world always and reliably do too little, too late.

The laundry list of genocides just since 1900 is staggering. There is evidence that we knew of the Holocaust as early as 1943. I have never believed we (the Allies) didn’t know all along. Considering the vast geography and staggering numbers of victims, perpetrators and logistics, for the Allies not to know would have amounted to exponentially better operations security than the Manhattan Project.

Nevertheless, we, the West, have learned nothing. Hundreds of thousands — no, millions — are still being murdered, and we still can’t brand genocides, which happened a century ago, as what they are. It is not the legal definition of genocide that should be motivating just nations into action, but the moral definition!

Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. The Jews and Israel are well aware of this. By the way, the World War II Holocaust was far from the first mass murder perpetrated on Jews. It was just the latest and worst.

That is why we annually see vivid reminders in the media, in order to keep the inevitable deniers, as predicted by Eisenhower, from doing it again. The spineless BHOs, HRCs and JKs of the world are laying the groundwork in the Muslim world. You decide if it is deliberate or not.

Observe that Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement was predictably dithering, gutless glop. It should have included all jihadist groups and militant Islam and should have excluded the 1,400-year-old internecine war between Sunni and Shia Muslims because they are the perpetrators of this latest genocide.

Once again, the Obama administration and Democrats bring shame on the heads of all Americans.

John Michael Steele

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