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Ludowici residents should get involved
Letter to editor
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Editor, If the citizens of Ludowici want to sit around and not attend the meetings to find out what kind of city officials we have running our city government and what kind of tactics are being used and where the city money is going, then they deserve what they’ve got.
The latest auditor who was hired said at the last called meeting that the city’s records are such a mess — with thousands of dollars unaccounted for — that he cannot do a legal audit and that no other auditor could either.
The Ralph Dawson and Richard Phillips days are over, so if the citizens just want to sit around and let these people live off of our money, so be it. Stop being afraid like many residents have been for the past 60 years. Most of the old politicians are gone, and we have a chance to change things with new council people who were actually elected by the people.
We need help in the form of citizens who attend the meetings and voice their opinions to council members who actually will listen. Things are just starting to change and it’s about time. This scares the old politicians who don’t go by the law and use the charter to suit their own needs.
— Freddie L. Goode

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