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Reader: Eason has positive vision for Hinesville
Letter to the Editor generic


I, along with my wife, attended Danny Eason’s Meet the Candidate (July 28) at Uncommon Grounds. I came away impressed with Danny and his vision for Hinesville if elected mayor.

Though Danny is against continuously resurrecting the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax on the ballot after the people of Liberty County have already rejected SPLOST at the polls, Danny does not wish to only be perceived as just the “anti-SPLOST” mayoral candidate. Rather, he presents a very positive vision of what Hinesville can be, partnered with governmental transparency and a realistic tightening of the budget without holding taxpaying property owners hostage to development projects.

His vision includes business development that not only benefits adults, but offers up a concept for our young people to have entertainment options. He is aware of the present void facing not just adult employment options, but is acutely aware that our young people literally have few or no avenues to enjoy a positive entertainment option.

Danny envisions growth of Hinesville without further burdening the taxpayer. For instance, why is it necessary to “retreat” to St. Simons for a costly, tax-funded “think session”? We have plenty of space right here in Hinesville that possesses the possibility to provide a sequestered environment that would allow our officials to obtain a non-intrusive setting to “think” without being burdened with the day-to-day requirements of their offices. That is just one of many alternatives Danny envisions.

Fort Stewart is Hinesville’s major employer that offers productive individuals and untapped opportunities that can further benefit Hinesville and its citizens, thus making it a win-win situation for both entities, including families living on and off post.

Danny is a breath of fresh air. His enthusiasm is contagious. He is taxpayer-friendly. He is a proponent of living within our budget. For instance, why do we need costly SPLOST-funded initiatives that end up costing taxpayers thousands upon thousands of dollars in maintenance alone not covered by SPLOST?

Hinesville needs a change. I am in my 60s and a lifelong resident of this community. Where Hinesville is now, fiscally, its morale footing and trust in our leaders is at its lowest ebb that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

In short, we need a change. A positive one and not the same ole, same ole. It is early in the race for mayor, but to me, the choice is clear. Support by word of mouth, volunteering, campaign contributions, signs in your yard and, most importantly, go to the polls on Election Day and vote for Danny Eason for transparent, positive, fiscally responsible leadership as mayor of Hinesville.

Jimmy Darsey

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