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Reader thanks pharmacy for personal touch
Letter to editor

Editor, We live in an impersonal world of chain stores. These corporations barely know that you exist. As a customer, you are just a number, another sale and more profit. Maybe I am just an old geezer who remembers when all businesses were small businesses, mostly managed by family members who knew you as a person, a neighbor and an acquaintance.

Today, that personal touch seems to be lost. As an example, if you take a prescription to a chain pharmacy or big-box store, you rarely see — much less talk to — the pharmacist. She or he is usually behind a Plexiglas wall or so far away from the counter that a clerk has to find the pharmacist so that you can talk to him or her.

When you take in a prescription — even if you have been a long-term customer — you are asked the same basic questions every time, usually by someone you haven’t seen previously. You go through the same rigmarole when you pick up the prescription after a long wait in line.   

There is an exception to these unfriendly transactions. I would like to acknowledge Coastal Discount Pharmacy in Midway as the exception to the rule. I have been doing business with Glenn Fox and his employees for 13 years, and I would not ever consider not taking my business to him.

There’s a nostalgic feel when you enter the store. You just know that you will get personal service, as you won’t find Glenn isolated from his customers. He and BJ are completely accessible as they work. If you are a regular — and many customers are — the women who handle the counter greet you by name and usually have your prescription at hand.

There are a table and chairs available should you have to wait to have a new prescription filled where you can read the paper or just chat with the employees if they are not busy with other customers. They always inquire as to how you are doing and how’s the family. They never fail to thank you for your business as you leave. When was the last time you heard this at one of the chain stores?

I want to thank Nancy, Shelia, Terrie and Victoria for their Southern hospitality.

Len Calderone

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