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Sound off for Sept. 26

“I am trying to be patient with Lyman Hall Elementary. The long term sub in fourth grade has one more time to yell at my child before I come up there. My child says all she does is yell at the class. My child is unhappy and does not want to go to school. That’s not a good thing. When are they going to hire a certified teacher in that class? Why is there a long term sub in there any way. Aren’t there teachers out there looking for a job. Liberty County needs to get it together.” 

“All you business and doctors’ offices and Fort Stewart and all those that have Acer Computers that were made in China: Did you get a pop up statement saying your Acer Computer will stop running on the 30th of September 2018? If you haven’t and your computer shuts down, this is due to President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese made electronics. For we need to Impeach President Trump for this because it is bad for national security. And I hope HP printers are not made in China. I can’t wait to see what it is going to do to WACH and the 3rd ID. Beside South Coast Health.”

“The Liberty County High School football coach has lost his mind with Sunday practice. My son will be in church, fool. Liberty County Board of Education, what is the protocol on Sunday’s practices? I was told all the players weren’t there anyway. Next year will be my son’s last year there, thank God.”

“As a liberty county tax payer, I am very upset that people post political signs on private property without asking for permission. I just talked to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department and he said if the signs are posted behind the powerline that is considered private property. I would really appreciate it if people would stop posting signs on my private property without permission. It doesn’t look good for your party if you can’t even obey simple rules of etiquette.” 

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