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Tax increase demands action
Letter to the editor
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Editor, As the Courier reported Dec. 7, I went before the Hinesville City Council to oppose raising the millage rate. And I did state that the county elected officials (Hinesville, BoE, BoC) don’t have a taxing problem, but a spending problem!

First, my mother talked me out of running for city council, but probably not next time, so I’m not going to just write letters to the paper.

Now solutions to the officials: Stay home! Congressman Jack Kingston has an office in Savannah. There is no reason for anyone representing our taxing authorities to go see him in D.C. You can visit him in Savannah, talk to him in Hinesville.

No trips to Jekyll Island/St. Simons and staying at a fancy-shmancy hotel. You now have big buildings to meet in — plenty of room.
No more trips to China, that’s why we have embassies/consulates/U.S. Department of Commerce/Georgia Department of Economic Development. I have talked to a number of area residents and the same question is asked: “Why are there no good-paying jobs in Hinesville?” Maybe an elected official can answer this; I can’t. All these trips have resulted in very small amount of — if any — good-paying jobs. Instead of trying to get more soldiers, try to get a Microsoft or GE. Those are good-paying jobs of the future.

Finally, an innovative idea: If you are a homeowner (not renter, absentee landlord, manager) you get a 1 mill rollback. After all, homeowners are the backbone of the city. We keep tidy yards and are generally interested in deterring crime. This also would induce homeownership and strengthen the economy/tax base.

Look at the above solutions. Implement them and there would probably be no need for a tax increase. Like I said, next election, I might not be listening to mommy when she tells me, “Oh, you don’t want that silliness.”

Joseph B. Stuart

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