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Thank you, W, you got one right
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There are many things I don’t like about Pres. George W. Bush, actually there are many things I don’t like about him and many other politicians — Republican and Democrat. But I read something the other day that for once made me shout, “You go, boy!”
On May 3, Bush signed legislation to help law enforcement rid the United States of dog fighting, cock fighting and other forms of animal fighting. The law, effective immediately, establishes felony jail terms for violators instead of the current misdemeanor sentences.
The Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act also provides felony penalties for the interstate commerce, and the import and export of animal fighting activities and the animals normally used for these activities. It will help reduce the number of breeders whose sole purpose is to create fighting dogs. This will help to reduce the number of thefts for dogs to be used as bait to train these fighters.
This issue hits close to home for those of us who live in Liberty and Long counties. We tend to turn a blind eye, pretending this type of activity is not taking place in our community. But a recent look through police reports and blog items relating to animal cruelty and care would suggest otherwise.
According to the Humane Society of the United States, dog fighting and cock fighting are inhumane and barbaric practices that are often associated with other criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, illegal firearms use and violence toward people. Many fights are often done with children present and involve, in many  cases, illegal wagering. Currently all 50 states ban dog fighting and cock fighting is banned in 49 (Louisiana is the only state where cock fighting is legal but they are looking to change that as 80 percent of the population is pushing the anti-cruelty issue), yet there are numerous animal fighting magazines that still promote these events and advertise fighting animals for sale.
Just last week, the Virginia Animal Fighting Task Force and law enforcement officials raided property owned by Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick and found 50 dogs in a state of neglect, malnourishment, and bearing the scars and wounds believed to be from dog fights. Police also found breaking sticks, treadmills and scales used in training fight dogs as well as the drugs used to treat wounded canines. This is appalling coming from a sports hero many look up to, and he is not the only athlete thought to be a part of what many are calling a larger subculture of athletes who bet or engage in animal fighting activities. Enough is enough. I would never subject my “best friend,” to be beaten and bludgeoned to a bloody mess or death for someone else’s thrill. Your pet depends on you to be a loving and caring parent. They depend on us to treat them humanely.
If you want to watch a fight, then watch two human boxers tough it out in the ring. At least that’s a conscious decision by both human parties to get in the ring to fight it out. I doubt seriously that a puppy is hoping to be turned into a killer.
Again, I can only say thank you Bush. You got this one right.
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