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Thanks for what? Is the question
Patty Leon new

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day!

It’s a time to be grateful and thankful.


In keeping with the crap show that is 2020 here is a partial list of things I can’t be thankful of:

Our elected leaders, of both parties, are too busy worrying about themselves, their careers, and their position of power instead of creating a cohesive and comprehensive plan to deal with the coronavirus. You all have done NOTHING and 250,000 Americans have died. Thanks to your willful ignorance.

Dear Democrats, thanks for stuffing the next stimulus package with so much unnecessary crap that the Republicans refuse to take it seriously. Why don’t you sit down with the other side and strictly focus on the needs of the people?

Folks are suffering. This is our generation’s Great Depression, and you all are just getting ready to go on recess instead.


Dear Republicans, thanks for casting doubts on the election process, thereby destroying the foundation of our Democracy. Your party’s countless and baseless accusations, with ZERO evidence to support them, have given Trump a 1-25 (and counting) record in court. 

If Trump was a SEC football coach he would be FIRED by now. 

Your reckless and unfounded attacks on our electoral process is trying to undo the will of the American people.

Last I checked, nearly 80 million people voted for Biden and 73.5 million for Trump. Once all the counting and recounting is over the Electoral College will award 306 votes to Biden and 232 to Trump.

But hey keep wasting our tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits. Just keep your money grabbing hands out of my Social Security benefits.

Thank you, Pfizer and Moderna for your research and development of an effective COVID-19 vaccine. But am I the only one that thinks this whole vaccine thing is becoming more about the money and not about saving lives?

First, Pfizer makes headlines saying their vaccine is 90 percent effective. 

A few days later Moderna was like, “Hold up Pfizer ours is 94 percent effective, everyone needs to buy up our stock instead,” (literally and metaphorically).

A day later Pfizer comes back with, “Our bad, we did further tests and ours is 95 percent effective.” 

While both companies have said they wouldn’t allow politics to play into the safe distribution of the vaccine, it sure seems like they are pushing to be first on race day and win the cash prize.

Also, where are we going to store Pfizer’s vaccine which needs to stay at 70 degrees below zero? And who is going to be monitoring those freezers?

I should be thankful that Big Pharma is once again putting profits before cure? Nope, can’t do it.

**Steps off political soap box, takes a nap. Wakes up, drinks some coffee and regroups**

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

It’s amazing to get to this point in the year, I have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

This will still be a rough Thanksgiving in the Leon household. It’s the first turkey day without Dad, which still breaks my heart. 

It’s also a pandemic Thanksgiving. So instead of gathering with three generations of family, this year it will just be four of us, Mom, my brother and his wife and me. Honestly, I don’t mind having a smaller, more intimate turkey day especially while still coping with Dad’s loss.

My brother Frank is bringing over the turkey, ham, and deviled eggs. I’m cooking up the dressing, mashed potatoes and for a bit of Cuban flare some yucca fries. We’ll have wine, beer, booze and plenty of food.

We’ll share memories. Of course, memories of Dad will likely steal most of the conversation. Like the first time I cooked the family turkey but left the innards, still in the plastic bag, inside the bird. Dad still ate the turkey and said it was the best he ever had. That’s just who he was.

I’m thankful I still have my Mom in my life. She has proven to be stronger than I think even she thought she was. We are both stubborn and there are days where we butt heads, but we have been able to lean on each other throughout this ordeal, without killing each other – yet. 

So, there’s that!

Despite having gained a massive amount of weight these past nine months, my annual physical went well. Mom’s health, knock wood, is impeccable.

I have my brother right across the street and lots of family I’m thankful for. I have a roof over my head, food in the pantry, happy healthy pets and most (not all) of my sanity.

And I have a job that I enjoy. And I’m thankful to all of you. Even if we have our political differences, I appreciate every one of you for intelligent discussions, humorous outlooks on life and situations, civil discord, and mutual respect. We are more than just politics. We are passionate human beings. Happy Thanksgiving,

Patty Leon, Senior Editor

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