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What is up with all the factory recalls
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Are terrorists working in our factories?
- Oct. 6: Topps Meat Company recalled 21.7 million pounds of meat.  
- Oct. 7: Sam’s Club recalls Cargill beef containing e-coli.
- Oct. 10: Marvel Enterprises stopped shipments of their Chinese-made Curious George products to their retailers.
- Oct. 11: Conagra recalls chicken, turkey and beef pot pies.  
- Oct. 11: Ninety thousand children’s products imported by J. C. Penney recalled.
- Oct. 12: Kids cold medicines recalled.
- Oct. 15: Arko Veal Company recalls 1,900 pounds of ground beef.
- Oct. 30: Kroger recalls tainted salmon dip.
- Nov. 1: Five million General Mills frozen pizzas recalled.
- Nov. 7: Fisher-Price recalls 172,000 Mexican-made kitchen toys.
- Nov. 11: Kroger recalls their 16 oz Caesar Dressings because of mislabeling.
I could go on and on. This is insane. In October, there were 73 recalls, according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission. November is not even over yet and so far there have been 22 recalls this month. There’s got to be a reason and that reason looks like we are being targeted every which way we turn. Medicines, food, toys. What’s next?  Retailers need to examine very closely the hiring practices of the places they trade with.

Please help our canines: Think responsibly when it comes to “man’s best friend.” Do you treat your dog monthly for heart worms? My dog friends recommend “Ivermectin” every month.  Do the right thing. Another responsible thing to do is to have your animals spayed and neutered. Speaking of animals, we all know dog fighting and cock fighting are illegal. What about riding bulls and bucking horses?  The device they strap on these poor animals has a painful effect on the animal that causes them to buck. And what about men and women getting into rings and beating each other to a pulp? All of this is in humane. All of it needs to be outlawed.

Taxes are killing us: I’ve already mentioned previously about Rincon, Garden City and Springfield setting the pace to ease the burden on taxpayers by doing away with real estate taxes. Now, South Carolina is taking another step in the right direction by eliminating taxes on groceries. How about it Georgia? We still are paying 3 percent tax on groceries and 7 percent on items purchased in the grocery store that are non-food items. If three cities close by can do away with property taxes, so can we. With Chemtall, the Industrial Park and Riceboro paper mill located here, we don’t need to be paying property taxes. They pay enough into the tax base, that we would get along budget wise, fine and dandy. Instead, Hinesville and the county are taxing us to death. The school board announced they are lowering the millage rate from 16 to 15.40.  Whoop-dee-do! Reckon how many thousands that will save us? The school board already has the highest millage rate in the county.  Consider all the thousands of people who don’t have children in our school system who are having to pay this tax. Come on somebody!  Give us a helping hand.

More about germs: In last week’s column, I outlined the three most germ-infested items we come in contact with daily. Now I read where Britai’'s hospitals are banning long sleeves, jewelry, their traditional white coats and neckties for doctors. Ties are rarely laundered but worn daily. Ties perform no beneficial function in patient care and have been shown to be colonized with pathogens. Jewelry and long fingernails hold millions of germs. Notice the next time you are at a hospital, how much jewelry the staff is wearing and how many have long nails. I enjoy watching the cooking shows but watching Paula Deen lick her fingers and continue cutting up and mixing things, just turns my stomach. And have you noticed any of them wearing gloves? Nope. And how about washing vegetables and fruits before they prepare them? I would hope that before their broadcast, that some of the staff has already pre-washed everything. A lot of our vegetables and fruits come from foreign countries during months that we can’t grow them here locally. Think about how many hands have held that piece of fruit or that vegetable before you picked it up. Please, please wash them before you put them away.
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