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Panthers win two in a row improve to 12-2
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The Panthers were on the road facing regional opponents Benedictine Friday and Hephzibah Saturday. They came home with two more region 3-AAA victories as they prepped for more regional action against South Effingham last night.
The wins improve the Panthers record to 12-2 overall and they are undefeated in their region (4-0).
"Benedictine was a mental game as we expected. Panther coach Willie Graham said. "It was low scoring, a lot of zone coverage, which meant a lot of passes on their part. We did a good job against them and I was pleasantly surprised."
Against Hephzibah, Graham said, it was the best 32 minutes of defense this year.
"The game was close at half time but because we had more depth on our bench we knew we could start to wear them down and in the second half we were able to do so," he said of Hephzibah. "We started to pull away from them.  They did not have a lot of depth in their bench, they had players on the bench but they never went to them and they started making mistakes in the second half."
As he set his sight on South Effingham, Graham said he knew that team was a little down this year but asked his players not to underestimate them or any other opponent they face.
"Sometimes we play our worst against teams that are weaker and I think complacency is a factor in that," he said.

Men Panthers 47, Benedictine 30
William Lee, 11
Jordan McRae, 7
Terrell Johnson, 6
Michael Manning, 6
Rion Brown, 6
Roderick Jones, 5
Emmanuel Fuller, 4
Rashine Mitchell, 2

Men Panthers 60, Hephzibah 42
Jordan McRae, 15
Michael Manning, 13
Charles Friend, 9
Donrico Wigfall, 8
Rashine Mitchell, 7
Rion Brown, 6
Roderick Jones, 2

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