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Recession not visible here
Limerick Plantation
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New development scares me: Not only have most of the trees been destroyed on the new Limerick development but hundreds of truckloads of dirt have been dumped there. This property is adjacent to our old landfill. In an article dated Feb. 16, 2001, the headlines read "Landfill Placed on Hazardous Site List." In that article, it stated that the county "is now required to record on the property deed that the land has been listed as a hazardous site." I happened to be at a special called public meeting on Sept. 7, 2004, where a list of the contaminants that then had seeped into our groundwater, showed 13 contaminants. Are the developers trying to cover up the ground, hoping none of these will surface? Remember what happened in Savannah years ago, where people were evacuated because their homes were sitting on an old dumpsite? They lost those homes. I'm just hoping the people who purchase homes on this property look into this before hand. It's changed hands several times. Why? Think about it.

Recession? Not here in Georgia: Houses and hotels and restaurants are being built every day. The Boy Scouts just received $13 million to build a new camp. Mulberry Park neighborhood expected to add 1,500 new homes in Port Wentworth. There are 2,500 production jobs available at the Kia manufacturing plant in LaGrange. Does that sound like a recession to you? Look at the amount of vehicles seen daily on I-95. Check out shoppers in Sam's on any given day. Recession? Not here.

Geveryl's column: I have to applaud this very vocal black lady who writes a column every Sunday in the Savannah Morning News. She defined "devils" in this past week's column. She pointed out politicians, CEOs, supervisors and any people in power positions who, because of their own arrogance or superiority complexes, decided that others need to be oppressed. Her answer to the problem? She said, "Some say get rid of all the politicians, all the CEOs and whatnot and replace them with new blood." On the other hand she believes that if the "devils" are placing this country on the path to hell, then what we need isn't new blood. What we need is an exorcist. Well said, lady.

Voting important: The deadline for registering for the General Primary/Special election is June 16, with the election on July 15. Please, please register and vote. I only wish the jury lists were selected from some other source than the voter's list. I truly believe more people would register. Make this one of your New Year's Resolutions. Be a better American. Vote.

Testing our river: Make sure you have it written on your calendar that Riverkeeper Dianna Wedincamp will be here in Lake George on Sunday, Feb. 10, at our boat hoist (Rec 1) to show us how to test our rivers and lakes. This will be at 1 p.m. so everyone can be home from church. If you were at the special called meeting at the Community Center on Jan. 15, you will recall several people signed up as volunteers for our area to monitor our lakes and rivers. Volunteers are Dale Stone, Bill Weiss, Richard White, Billy and Beth Muse, Jan Mengle, Bob Philpot, Michael Fahey and myself. There are four lakes in Woodland Lakes and three in Lake George, plus the Medway and Jerico Rivers. That is nine bodies of water. We had no volunteers sign up from Woodland Lakes, but perhaps they will be represented at the boat hoist on the 10th.

Poly-carts? I think not: I've seen people drive up to our "dump" site and empty their poly-carts into the compactor. They pay a monthly fee for their poly-carts to be picked up and disposed of, yet on Tuesday I saw a car with a trailer hooked to it hauling trash, debris and, that's right, three poly-carts to our dump. So they are not having to pay the $105 yearly charge, but they are being allowed to dump their poly-carts into our compactor, which we pay for. Where are the poly-cart police? Please don't put them in front of my property. They are ugly, they get tipped over at night by dogs and raccoons and they only hold so much stuff. How ridiculous is that? Being able to take our trash and deposit in an orderly manner is the way to go. I boycotted this site for two years because I know from my paperwork from Atlanta, that we are entitled to this facility for free. Yet we are charged on our tax bill every year for this service. You want proof? Call me.
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