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City abusing water customers
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Editor, I would like to address this to the City of Hinesville. Throughout the past years we have heard about conserve water - we are under severe drought conditions. My husband and I have tried to conserve and not water, but the City of Hinesville has an interesting approach to this. No matter how much water you use, you get charged for 3000 gallons. My husband and I have been as low as 1900, but we still get charged for 3000. Why would we want to conserve? As long as I am getting charged for it, I am going to use it. Not the best approach, I agree, but I need to see a positive effect for not using water. So Hinesville, until you get your cause and effects straight, I plan on using every bit of water you are charging me for. Do not try to tell me when I can water - you have already charged me for it. It is mine to do with as I please!
Another interesting fact is that our community paper indicated that you can check your meter against your bill - OH HOW WRONG ARE THEY! You can check your meter if you pay the city $10.00 to open up the meter for you to look at, and they would like another $10.00 to close it back up. I hope no one was dumb enough to call them back for that charge! We had a water leak one year and had to pay the city $10.00 to confirm this and trace where the leak was. So citizens of Hinesville, do not think that you can check your meter against your bill or that you are getting billed for what you are using. Pay close attention - you are being ripped off.
My choice is going to be that if I have to pay for it, I am going to use it. Join me Hinesville residents - it will not cost you any additional money.

Jeanette Williams
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