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It will take community to stop violence
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Editor, I would like to address the article that appearied in Wednesday’s issue of the Coastal Courier regarding a shooting at a bus stop on Pointe South Drive. As the Liberty County School System public relations facilitator, I had the opportunity to field several questions concerning the safety of our children, particularly during transportation.
I can say with great conviction that the Liberty County School System takes great measures on a daily basis to ensure the safety of all our students. Unfortunately, Wednesday’s article did not paint a clear picture of the complete details surrounding the incident. While the victims of this disturbing act were students, let it be known that the bus driver of this route never heard nor saw any shooting activity take place. After the bus pulled away and the incident occurred, witnesses reported the incident to the proper authorities.
While I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation, I can report that officers are heavily patrolling that location along with our transportation department for added security.
As a graduate of the Liberty County Public School System and a lifelong resident of this community, it deeply saddens me when issues like this take place in our neighborhoods.
What happened on Tuesday is a community issue. It is a problem that we, as a community, cannot ignore. This needs to be addressed immediately from every angle possible. There are resources available for all of us to keep our neighborhoods safe.
I encourage you to contact your Hinesville Police crime prevention officer, Officer J.F. Williams. He will be more than happy to help you set up a neighborhood watch program. Our local health department offers free parenting courses and has a multitude of educational material. As the old saying goes, it truly does take a village to raise a child.  
In closing, I challenge you to get involved. Remember this is your community. It is up to all of us to keep it safe.

Demere’ Bowen
Liberty County School System
Public Relations Facilitator
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