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Lake George working to improve
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Editor, While Madge Spencer is wondering if our county commissioners are insane, I must wonder the same of her. She put an article in last Sunday’s Coastal Courier that does not speak the truth and the people should know.
First you mention our tax dollars covering Lake George with speed bumps. They put in about seven of them and we need at least five more. You also mentioned there was no meeting of our community and asking of this community. Wrong again. There were two meetings with Mr. Bowen before they were installed, but since you fall into that 75 percent of the people who do not pay their dues, I guess you were not there.
This P.O.A. does not control Mr. Bowen. He has done a good job in helping this community as well as others, and we look forward to working with him in the future for the betterment of our community.
As far as damage to your vehicle, since you published your letter, you now know these speed bumps exist so drive carefully.
You also stated “it is going to be interesting when a child falls on his bike.” How interesting is it going to be when one of them gets run over because of someone speeding on our streets, which is why the bumps were requested.
As far as the  statement “the P.O.A. board of directors destroying themselves by fighting each other,” this has not happened since you resigned as president of this association.
In the future, stay with the facts. We have a lot of good people living here and have set their goals for the best interest of the community. We are working toward making things a lot better here. We have managed to replace several of our docks, started a maintenance program for the 89 acre lake, which we have already started by getting some of the grass out, and have implemented security that has cut down a lot of crime.
A majority of the labor on these projects is done by volunteers and, if we are going to move forward, we need the support of the property owners by paying their membership fees. We can only do what our finances will allow. We have the people willing to do the work. We need the funds to carry on with this work.
If anyone who owns property in this community wishes to be a member, mail your $60 to Lake George P.O.A. P.O. Box 628 Midway, GA 31320 or call 884-3896.
This association will hold its meetings on the second Thursday and fourth Tuesday of each month; some may be rescheduled for the holidays. You can check by reading the information sign at the community center or by calling the number above. We encourage everyone to attend — paid member or not.

Richard White
Lake George P.O.A.
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