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Sign ordinance is needed
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Editor, The city of Hinesville acknowledges the importance of signs and advertising for commercial establishments and personal property.
Location and quantity of signs are equally significant as the manner of construction and maintenance of signs.  All of which, affect the public health, safety, moral and welfare of the citizens of Hinesville.  A comprehensive and balanced system of sign control is needed to maintain an attractive community and provide an effective means of business identification, advertising and communication.
In the absence of an enforced sign ordinance, signs could pose a safety hazard by diverting the attention of drivers and a nuisance by creating clutter and blight conditions.  It is the city intentions to protect the public investment, maintain an aesthetically appealing residential environment, and provide an orderly and reasonable display of advertising for the benefit of all citizens.  
Signs that are most commonly and continuously displayed incorrectly are realty signs, yard sale signs and political signs.
Though size, height, quantity and spacing of signs may vary by zoning, one regulation remains the same throughout the city:  No signs, including temporary signs, are permitted within any street or highway right-of-way, except traffic signs and signals and informational signs erected by a pubic agency.
The city's need to hire an additional code enforcement officer is not to have a primary focus on signs, to specifically work weekends, or to target realty companies. Misconceptions of the city's code enforcement "tactics" have not only surfaced following the hiring of an additional officer but have encouraged the city council to create a committee to study the existing sign ordinance and provide recommendations to council on proposed amendments.  Until council has officially made such revisions, the city's code enforcement officers will continue to enforce the sign ordinance as it is currently written.
To view the city's sign ordinance, you may visit the city's Web site, or go to

Becky Widincamp
Code Enforcement Officer
Inspections Department
City of Hinesville
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