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Universal health care won't work in U.S.
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Editor, America is not ready for universal health care. There are too many concerns with bureaucratic incompetence, corruption and oppression of the poor via government programs already in existence.  An internal audit of the Medicaid program alone has exposed billions of dollars in fraud. More studies revealed that pharmaceutical companies have contributed more than 150 million dollars in questionable federal campaign donations in the last 18 years. Taxpayer money that could be used for improving the health of the poor is spent on “special interests.”  
Quite often, government contracts go to the lowest bidder and then fail to regulate results. This is contributing to the rising costs of medical treatment by refusing to pay doctors their operating cost on necessary health care and by offering dangerous band-aids on serious health conditions. This has resulted in doctors refusing new patients on government health care programs that already exist.   
Government funded healthcare violates the poor’s right to health care choices for the sake of promised security that will likely lead to inferior health care for all. Until representatives prove themselves fiscally wise enough to warrant increased responsibilities, universal health care is not a viable solution for our country’s health care needs.

Christina Nelson
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