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Sound off for April 16
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"We should arm school kids. It worked in Chicago."

"I am a teacher in local schools, and a parent. Not only do we have academic and behavioral problems in high schools, the middle and elementary schools are worse. We need the Star Program back ASAP to help our students."

"I would like to thank Liberty Regional hospital. I recently had an awesome visit, everyone was compassionate and caring. And I’ve only heard negatives about them."

"When someone flips another the finger, they are not doing anything wrong. They’re saying, ‘look, I’m 1 year old today.’ And when they do it to me I yell back ‘happy birthday.’"

"I’m looking to see a lot of these new restaurants and businesses to go out of business. There’s not enough business here to support all these restaurants."

"It’s time Liberty County School System looks at redistricting elementary schools so one of them doesn’t have all of these upper level learning and upper income families."

"Thanks to the Fort Stewart Forestry Department for ruining another beautiful spring day. I have asthma and can’t go outside because of the smoke. I wish I could sue them for my doctor bills."

"Hang the hackers."

"Chick-fil-A will not open on Sundays. The owner said from the start that it wouldn’t. It is a fine business. The employees appreciate the day off and so do the good Lord.

"Thanks, Presbyterian Church, for fixing the musical chimes. It sounds so beautiful here in Hinesville."

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